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El portabebés juno de Mountain Buggy que se adapta sin problemas desde recién nacido a niño. Proporcionando la libertad en tus manos, manos conectadas; juno ha sido diseñado para ofrecer la mejor ergonomía en las cuatro posiciones de transporte, tanto para ti como tu bebé.

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características destacables del portabebés juno:

  • adaptabilidad con cuatro posiciones de transporte certificadas médicamente
  • dos bolsillos de almacenamiento retráctiles (suficientemente amplios para el smartphone más grande)
  • tirantes dorsales deslizantes para un fácil ajuste
  • capucha protectora con bolsillo de almacenamiento, proporciona soporte para la cabeza durante el sueño del bebé, protege de los elementos atmosféricos y ofrece privacidad durante la lactancia
  • 100% libre de sustancias químicas, tejido Okeo-tex certificado, con forro 100% de algodón de máxima transpiración
  • tirantes dorsales acolchados con malla 3D y cinturón abdominal, proporcionando la amortiguación y distribución del peso ideal para una máxima transpiración y comodidad
  • abanderados de la moda y con una estética de diseño unisex. Disponible en cuatro colores: arena, negro, gris y azul marino
  • gomas elásticas para mantener recogidas las correas
  • cumple todos los estándares internacionales de seguridad

en la caja encuentras:

  • el portabebés juno con el soporte para recién nacido incluido, para que disfrutes con tu bebé desde el primer día


  • baberos protectores juno

Tech specs

  • peso del producto - 0.8kg
  • carga mínima - 3.5kg
  • carga máxima - 20kg
  • anchura del asiento - 21-33cm
  • extensión de la cintura extensible- 69-135cm
  • rango de edad - recién nacido a 4 años (referencia de la edad solo como guía)
  • cinta dorsal con cierre magnético
  • para la comodidad de los padres
  • soporta hasta 20 kg de peso.
  • un panel frontal de 35 cm, con soporte dorsal y estabilidad para el recién nacido o niño
  • NEW! juno gel cooler pack lifestyle

    gel cooler pack

    keeps your child cool & comfortable
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    la maleta-carrito
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    trona portátil pod

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    NUEVO capazo blando cocoon

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    NUEVA manta Mountain Buggy

    Disponible en varios colores

Gave me freedom


I have a 6 week old baby and we live on a farm, I haven’t been able to get out of the house for walks until buying the carrier. My pram was too rough and our paddocks are full of rocks making it impossible to push a pram. I find the carrier very comfy and easy to put on and wear, I don’t need help to put it on and take off. Purchasing this carrier has given me my freedom, baby falls asleep straight away and my dog gets walkies again.

Temperature control


Love this product. But we have found it very hot. I do understand that there are cooling packs in which I can purchase, however, it would be great if there was an option for breathable material?? Also I read the instructions about the insert and my boy is 3months weighing 7kgs so I was confused about whether to use it or not.

Couldn't Imagine Life Without This Carrier!!!


We bought this carrier when our lil babe was about 6 months old and it couldn't have been more perfect. We looked at all of the competitors and fell in love with the juno because of its aesthetics as well as its practicality. It worked well for both my husband and I, and was easy to transition back and forth quickly. I loved the hands-through feature for snuggling up, the stashable hood feature was great for napping or as a sun shade and it was handy to have little pockets to stash my debit card or phone. We used it around town, on beach walks and mountain hikes. I am a florist and it was perfect for making hands free deliveries - people loved my little tag along! Our lil pal has always been on the larger end of the size spectrum but the juno held him comfortably through many stages. Now he's 2, just over 30lbs and our time with the juno is coming to a close BUT I can still sneak him in the carrier if he falls asleep in the car and I need to keep moving! I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone considering a more structured carrier option and will definitely use the juno for any future babes!

So comfortable


I love this carrier, very comfortable to wear. Great support to help my back. My baby loves it too



It was a great experience, excellent carrier for my child.

Excellent carrier, very comfortable!


We tried the Juno at a baby show along with a number of other baby carriers, it was much easier to put on than others, a lot more comfortable and was a carrier that both my husband and I would be happy to wear. The newborn insert is great as it supports their head and you know they are safe but it can be a bit of a faff to put on while on the move. Love the pockets either side which are really big and easily fit phone keys and a few other bits in. It's very easy to adjust which is great as my husband and I are different sizes. Also the little cover is amazing when it's sunny or windy. It's not the cheapest of carriers but I think it's well worth the investment and you only need to see it up close and feel it to know it is a luxury product with super soft fabric, sturdy clips and a really sleek design. People are always asking me about it too. For us it has been an essential item, our baby falls asleep in it without fail so great if she's overtired or just being particularly fussy. I really don't have anything bad to say about it, definitely a must-have!



I bought the juno baby carrier a month ago when my baby was 5 months old. I found the infant insert difficult to use, as it kept moving around when i was putting my baby in the carrier, so i ended up just using it without. The carrier works well, i use it mainly with baby at the back. However, very dissatisfied in terms of adjusting the straps. The clamps are very poor quality, which makes strap adjustment difficult. Will keep using it but am disappointed, as price is comparable to better quality carriers.

An essential piece of gear for your baby arsenal


The Mountain Buggy Juno is an essential piece of gear to have in your baby arsenal. I like to think of it as the Transformer of carriers; a bubba-bonding device that morphs into a multi-positional sleep machine no matter the size (and taste) of you and your baby.

Front Face Out mode - poor


I purchased this product for using with my little girl. Was awesome in Front Face In mode and was super comfortable. My girl is now 6months and 6.8kg and 67cm tall. Unfortunately I am extremely disappointed in the Face Out mode. Despite being tall for her age the Face Out mode covers her face/strangles her. She no longer wants to be Face In. I have had to borrow a friends carrier to use in Face Out mode for what is likely to be a few months before she can fit the Juno in Face Out

Mountain buggy front pack


Bought a month ago and it has changed my life a lot

Poor Fit, No Instructions with Product


This will be going back to the store for a different model. Frustrated. Tried the forward facing mode with our 6 month old who is ready to look forward. He is 19 pounds and 28 inches tall, plenty big for this. His poor little thighs wound up with bruising twice on them because there were no instructions with the product to show us to fold and snap the thing. Now that we have discovered the web videos we have him in properly, but the material goes over his face. He's in the 95th percentile for height, this shouldn't be happening.

Husband approved!!


I am currently using this to carry my two month old and makes life so much easier! Grocery shopping, ball games etc. truly a great product even for a hike!

Comfortable carrier


We love the carrier as its comfortable to wear and it's easy to adjust for both my partner and I to use it. When we were still using the infant insert I found it a bit tricky to get it on by myself, but now it's fine. Our little guy likes to sleep in it which means I can do jobs around the house and often we can transfer him to his cot to keep sleeping

Great support and comfort


As a perinatal/pediatric Chiropractor and now mama of two, I knew I needed a carrier that was supportive and comfortable not only for me postpartum but for baby! I'm not only impressed with the support and proper alignment it provides for a newborn (for the neck and spine) with the infant insert, I'm also blown away by the comfort as the mama. Postpartum is tough on your upper back caring for a newborn. I am able to wear the baby while maintaining a neutral posture and I don't find that waist band does not put additional stress on the pelvis/pelvic floor which is fantastic! I'm excited to try different positions as the babe grows! I'd highly recommend this carrier to colleagues, patients and friends.

Can't live without it!


We got a Juno carrier as a gift when our son was about 7 months old. Initially, we were going to return it because we already had another carrier that we used on a regular basis. I decided to try it on with him and immediately realized the differences between the two. The fabric of the Juno is breathable and the carrier in general is less bulky. The hand pockets in the front and the small pocket for keys/cell phone/bank card were something I didn't realize I always needed! The biggest advantage is that the waist belt is not velcro which doesn't seem to be a big deal but when your baby falls asleep in the carrier and you want to lay him/her down, you don't have to worry about the loud noise that velcro makes waking the baby up. This carrier is a must have for every parent! The included newborn insert is another added bonus!

excellent carrier


I recently received the Juno carrier as a gift from my wife on Father's day. I have been using it daily with our 1 year old, Dominic. I am not usually a person to write a review but I was very impressed with this carrier. I love the wide shoulder straps, as it feel super comfortable even when I am wearing Dom for a couple hours. I use the back mode the most, but my wife prefers the face in mode. It has plenty of pockets and the hands through connection feels like my favorite hoodie. We have the khaki model and both my wife and I both like the way it looks on both of us. Overall, we are extremely happy with our carrier. Highly recommended for both Moms and Dads!!

Great quality / comfort !


I bought this couple of months ago for my baby girl. She was diagnosed with Hip Displasia Syndrome day after she was born, so had to wear harness for couple of months. We were advised to use approved carrier that would keep her legs in similar position as harness and this carrier ticked all the boxes. It seemed pricey at the beginning, however quality and comfort for baby & person doing the carrying totally justifies it! Besides newborn insert is included which is not always the case for some other brand carriers. My little girl loves it, she is 4 months old now and sleeps just as you put her into it and even when she is awake she loves peeping through the gap or over the edge! Overall could not be happier with purchase. Makes it so easy to pop out to shop/post whatever it may be when taking buggie is not an option or just too much hassle!

Perhaps we will grow to love it...


We had bought the Juno, as our buggy was back-ordered and we needed something. I love the softness of the material, and it seems a little more substantial than other brands. The waistband pockets, and "baby bum pouch" are fantastic! I also love the wide, cushy shoulder straps, hood, and hood pocket.
Sadly this doesn't work for small babies, though it says "7.7 lbs". My child is almost 9lbs and is still too small, even with the infant insert. There is too much room in the insert, on either side of her. (The adjustable seat is great in theory for height though, someone is a thinker) It doesn't matter who wears her, or how the Juno is adjusted. We can't keep her up high enough, and/or her face is pressed against our chests. We can't TICKS all do the boxes so to speak. Hopefully our buggy arrives soon.
The adjustment straps would be better if they were webbing, rather than fabric, as they are difficult to fix properly, due to fabric. My husband also has issues with the sternum strap. It's impossible for him (he's slim built, but with broad shoulders) to adjust it himself - even with the genius of the magnetic closure. The strap could be longer.

So comfortable


The Juno carrier is such a fabulous product. So easy to use and you can use it to carry your baby in so many different ways as they get bigger. I have just stopped using the newborn insert for my baby as he no longer needs the extra support. I have found some really good you tube videos on how to change the carrier for wearing it in the different ways. Would highly recommend to anyone. Comfort for the mum is also a big thing with carriers and i find it very easy to wear.

Stylish & Hands Free Convience in 1!


The Juno has allowed us to get our and about with ease. Having a micro-premie who demanded to be constantly held (by me, not Dad), the Juno has been a life saver. He is happy and I am able to get a few jobs done or get outside with our toddler. I had other carriers with our toddler, but none were as confortable (for me) or felt as secure as the Juno. Hubby is very happy to wear the Juno too. I get comments and questions when we are out and about, re comfort, support and how stylish it looks. The sun shade has been invaluable for us over the last few months. Highly recommended.

Baby did not fit well and smelled damp.


My 4 month old had his face pushed into the fabric when facing outwards, and was very uncomfortable when facing inwards. After several attempts to make this work I arranged a refund as the cost of this product absolutely does not reflect it's quality. The fabric also had a distinct mould/damp smell...

So comfy, so well-made, so stylish!


Wow, this has been the best baby carrier I've ever had and I've had a fair few! My son Hugo absolutely loves being carried in it whether it's front face out, on my back or hip or giving me some extra cuddle time in the front face in position. I've used it dozens of times without anyone helping me too which is a great bonus. Plus no fuss with lots of straps, it's really straight forward and really easy to adjust depending on who's carrying him. The design is sleek and stylish using the softest material so it doesn't cut in under my baby's chin or anything and also keeps my babe warm and comfy and close to my heart at all times!

I love my Juno


This carrier was on my short list because I knew the Mountain Buggy brand meant quality. I left the final choice up to my husband though, as I wanted him to carry our daughter too and I know he is FUSSY. Well I was happy he picked this one. Aesthetically, we both love it, the sternum strap is easy to use, and it is comfy!!!! Our little girl goes straight to sleep and I'm happy she is in a hip safe position. We all love our Juno.

Stylish yet practical


After my back started to hurt using a cheapo carrier, I was treated to the Juno. It is really comfortable to use, after a bit of practice it is easy to do up and undo yourself. Bub is so comfortable in it that he often goes to sleep and there is no startling him awake with velcro as there is none. The construction is sturdy and light, I look forward to using it as my Bub grows.

Highly recommend


We were originally going to buy a different more expensive carrier - but after going into the shop and trying it on we were totally sold on the Juno - it doesn't have a lot of awkward, unnecessary clips like a lot of the other ones do, it is good for both mum and dad, we've taken it on a 2 hour walk to Taranaki falls and all went well! Nice how the newborn insert is included too - awesome carrier!

Comfortable, easy to use


This is a great carrier for taller than normal babies. It's super comfortable for both parent and child, and easy to use. Love the pockets!

Comfortable and great quality carrier


I've only had this for a few weeks and haven't used it a huge amount yet, but the times I have used it, I've found it extremely comfortable. My 'baby' is 18 months old, so a toddler more than a baby. I bought it because he's so heavy now but still insists on being carried when he's feeling unwell or if we go on a long walk. This carrier makes it so much easier to carry him around than in my arms. I only wish I'd bought it 18 months ago!

Not sure if I'm doing something wrong


The look of it is by far the nicest I've found and love it when I try it on but I thought I'd be able to use it from newborn, but his head seemed far away no matter how tight I fitted it, and when he fell asleep his neck was all bent over and he ended up with his face flat on my chest so I couldn't see it. Had to buy a material baby sling to see me through till I can use it. I'm desperate to use it and sure it will be great when he is bigger and he has some more neck strength. Would not recommend currently but may do in future.

overall very happy


We received it sooner than we thought after we bought it. still didn't use it a lot but we are happy with it. takes some practice to start getting comfortable wearing it on your own without any help.

A fantastic carrier


Babywearing Wellington are pleased to have two Mountain Buggy Juno's in our sling library available to try on and hire at our monthly sling meets. There are several things we really like about the Juno:
- We love the super soft infant insert which can easily adjust to fit nb-6 months.
- The ergonomic design to support developing hips and spine.
- The comfy waistband and shoulder straps, and the magnetic chest clip.

This carrier is great because it can be used from nb right through to toddlerhood, on the front and on the back. We also like the hands through pocket is a nifty design feature that feels so natural to use!

Bye bye Tula, hello Juno!


I received my Juno today, I actually won it, initially I planned on selling it. I tried it today and fell in love! I'm now selling my Tula, which I thought would never happen. The Juno has the versatility and features of a tula and even more! I love the different carrier positions. It's breatheable and comfy for me and babe. I felt less strain on my back then with my other carrier. The pocket to store the hood is wonderful since I've lost hoods in the past, and I can fit a diaper in it!. Plus the two pocket to store my stuff in made it so easy just to bring the carrier and baby on walks and leave the big diaper bag at home. The only problem I've had is the the hip buckle is hard to unbuckle. Since I have arthritis in my hands it takes both my hands to unbuckle. I'm hoping that it becomes easier with use.

Comfy & easy to use


Chose this because of the flexibility in carry positions. My daughter really likes facing outwards to see what's going on and this was one of the few carriers to allow that. Also some other carriers were too big in the waist for me and this fits fine. Comfy for me and my husband to wear.

And then some


Quality innovative baby Mei tei bought for longer woodland walks in safety.baby only just big enough. Clever insert to allow passage from3.5kg to 4years old.baby loves it.

really comfortable


I have really like using this.My baby likes sleeping in it but at 7 months does not seem comfortable facing forward which is a shame as it's his favourite way to face in a sling. It is really comfortable and can wear it for longer than most.

Love my Juno!


I waited so long for this to come out, and I'm so glad I did!
It's so comfy for mum and dad to wear and baby is really happy in there. Same price as some competitors but it come with a newborn insert and hood which others do not. Only negatives are pocket is where the legs sit- would be better in the middle pannel, and the suck pads are only in beige!

So Soft & comfy for me and baby


From the first wear the Juno helped baby and me bond and feel really close. This closeness is great when out and about as it' like a weight lifted from my shoulders knowing the little one is right there and so happy and safe. The Juno is super soft and so comfy to wear - the weight distribution is superb - no aching shoulders or back! Not fiddly at all to get on like other carriers we've tried - really easy to get on and go with minimal fuss! This is my third baby and this is the best of many carriers by far, I'm just gutted it wasn't around for the older two!

Simple & easy to use


We have been so happy with our Juno - its comfortable both to wear and for my daughter. The design is simple and its so easy to use and you can roll it up easily and take with you everywhere. It can be worn in loads of different ways and its easy to put on by yourself. I would definitely recommend this product.

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