silla de auto grupo 0+ protect

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Una silla de auto que ofrece protección, versatilidad y comodidad para tu bebé.

Actualmente no está disponible en esta región.


características principales de la silla de auto grupo 0+ protect

  • diseñada ergonómicamente para que sea fácil de transportar
  • utilizando los adaptadores, se convierte en un sistema de viaje para cualquier silla de paseo de Mountain Buggy
  • compatible con muchas sillas de paseo de otras marcas*
  • altos laterales y gruesa espuma EPS para mejorar la protección
  • colchoneta acolchada de quita y pon para los recién nacidos
  • base mecedora para la comodidad de tu bebé dentro y fuera del coche o de la silla de paseo
  • instalación intuitiva en el coche, con múltiples opciones de instalación:
    • instala la  base universal * utilizando el cinturón de tu vehículo, luego quita & pon el protect con un sólo click
    • instala la base ISOfix  utilizando  los puntos de anclaje ISOfix  de tu coche
    • instala la silla protect sin ninguna base, utilizando sólo el cinturón de seguridad del vehículo 

qué hay en la caja:

  • silla de auto protect con arnés de seguridad acolchado
  • capota multi ajustable


*Por favor, consulta nuestra  tabla de adaptadores  para comprobar la compatibilidad con otras marcas de carritos.

*Nota importate de seguridad: (si deseas usar la silla protect con una base universal  ). Hay dos versiones de la base universal. Las sillas protect con una pegatina naranja en la carcasa sólo son compatibles con las bases universales que tienen la pegatina correspondiente en la carcasa (véase más abajo). Las sillas de coche protect sin la pegatina naranja en la carcasa son compatibles con cualquier versión de las bases universales.

Si compras la silla protect y la base universal hoy, ¡obtendrás el par compatible! Ya no fabricamos la versiones anteriores del protect y la base universal sin pegatinas en la carcasa. Esta nota de seguridad no afecta a las bases ISOfix.

Tech specs

  • peso ligero de tan sólo 3.9kgs / 8.6lbs
  • anchura - 35 x 65 x 42cm / 13.8 x 25.6 x 16.5"
  • rango de edad - recién nacido a 12-15 meses (referencia de edad sólo como guía)

Don't buy this capsule


I thought our girl didn't like car trips, turns out it's just the capsule. Ill fitting, poorly thought out design offers safety, convenience with strollers however zero comfort for your baby. Believe the reviews, steer clear from this model!

Not as good as Id hoped


Quite disappointed at how quickly my daughter has outgrown this seat. She is 8 weeks old and was quashed up in it right from the get go. It is also incredibly hot. I live in the tropics and my daughter is always very hot and sweaty and is often in tears while in this seat.

Good choice


The Mountain Buggy Protect has received such varying reviews in these feedback posts - it must be hard for a purchasing parent to form an opinion on the product.

Anyway, we have found the car seat to be extremely convenient and practical. It's light and easy to carry. It clicks easily on to the stroller.

Our daughter is now nearly ten months old and she still fits safely in the seat. She is a long child on the 90th percentile for height. We have adjusted the seat as she has grown - removing the insert at about five months. I think. She will use it for another month or two.

The covers have washed well.

It has been a great purchase.

Too small


At first we liked the car seat but after about 3 months the straps got too short and our smaller than average sized daughter struggled to get comfy. As she cried whenever we wanted to put her in, we had to buy another, more spacious car seat at the end.

Light and compact!


Easy to use and great taking baby with everyday life. Adaptable to Swift troller makes carrying easier.

Great capsule


I got this capsule brand you when I purchased my terrain pram and think it is fantastic! We purchased the base as well, this has made it easy to get her in and out of the car and for grandparents even great grandparents. I also got the clips so it can attach to the pram but have not used them yet. We have had a couple of accidents on trips and it is easy to wipe for my daughter to get put back in until we get home for if to be cleaned properly. overall I think it is a great capsule and highly recommend it!

Great as a travel system only


We have been using this capsule for 6 months and overall, it's a basic capsule that is good value for money.

Pros: It's light weight and the covers are easy to remove and wash. The capsule works well with the MB frame as a whole travel system. It was one of the main reason of purchase.

Cons: Fidgety buckles and poor choice of fabric on the strap padding and canopy. The strap padding and canopy looks messy all the time as it attracts lint. Would be nice if the canopy was a lot deeper.

Handy capsule


I have enjoyed being able to clip this capsule into my stroller, and it is lightweight to carry. It is a bit awkward to carry though. I love the base, we bought one for each car so we could just swap between cars easily. The main issues I have found is that it is very small. My baby was on the tallest strap setting by a month old, the straps are hard to tighten, and get a firm fit across the breast area without hurting the shoulders. The strap under the seat connecting the over the shouder straps to the adjuster by their feet was too short, the adjustable seat padding doesnt fit well when using the highest shoulder strap setting- we had to pull the between legs strap out of the padding to make it work. In summary, it needs a bit of refining, and made to fit bigger/taller babies.

Too small


My son is 2.5 month old and weighs 6.5kg, we had to remove infant insert a while back and replace it with a different one (other brand). It seems like this seat was designed for a very small babies. Clipping system is difficult to use, but we got used to it. We have also bought ISO Fix base, which works great , its a shame that this seat is not going to last us as long as we hoped to. I would not recommend this seat.



What a terrible design, I wish I had not bought this. My baby is now 7 weeks old and actually from 2 weeks old she didn't fit very well in it. There are 3 main issues, 1. The fastening clip is awkward, difficult to use and ALWAYS ends in my baby crying as we struggle to clip it in properly. 2. The seat is too narrow! My baby was under 9lb at 2 weeks and already looked uncomfortable and squashed in it. . 3. The straps aren't long enough and sit too low down in the seat to comfortable go over the babies shoulders! Even at it's loosest it doesn't fit properly. This is such bad design, did anyone try and test this before selling and promoting it?! I feel at a loss after such a big expense in purchasing the buggy, car seat etc from you! I feel you should actually take this back - it's a true reject! I have no other option than to use it on my poor baby whilst I order one from elsewhere! You have certainly not delivered on quality and functionality for me . . . .

Too Narrow


First time mom, I bought this November 2014 to fit my mountain buggy cosmopolitan, i loved that its very light to lift, the colour, it looked very good on buggy and all but my son looked very squashed in it when he was about 1 month old (4kg) and cried all the time even after removing newborn insert. very disappointed, was a total waste of money I had to buy another car seat. I went to the stores to try other seats and so far, i found Maxi Cosi Cabriofix the best and i could use it with the same adaptors, baby was very happy and he still fits into it(8 months now 10.4kg).
If only Mountain buggy would make this seat much wider inside, it would be great value for money, its good for smaller babies. I wish i knew before i purchased it.
would not recommend

faulty design


not happy with this product. My baby is only 10 weeks and weighs just over 6 ks.. but already onto the last adjustment. The straps seem as if they are faulty of design.. should be a little higher so buggy can be used longer. Straps also appalling as always gets in the way.. capsule weigh jut over 4kg. Other capsules ive seen are much better than this. Not worth $400 inclusive of base.



We've been using this from day 1 and our baby is very happy and comfortable in it. We've used it with the travel system on our Cosmopolitan and I love that you don't have to disturb bubs when going somewhere. So easy to use with the universal base, just clicks in and out. My baby is 9months old and still fits in it. I also like that you can remove the cover to give it a wash when accidents do happen. I would definitely recommend it.



Good points - clips into the base
Not too heavy for me

Bad points
- the annoying clip!!! My baby doesn't like being strapped in at the best of times but the clasp is such a poor design as you need to have both parts together to shut. Imagine now a wriggling baby and then having to pull the fabric up so it doesn't get caught and legs moving and baby crying. Can't believe we were daft enought to buy it but it fits the stroller etc. should have paid better attention when purchasing.

Also can't pull off the cover to wash it when they leave milky spills etc

Safe, light and easy to use


I bought a capsule as opposed to hiring because this is my first baby. I was looking for something that was safe, would be comfortable and would last as long as possible. This seat ticked all the boxes with one minor complaint.

Little one was a small baby and the seat was perfect as it was from the get go. It has great small infant support inserts and lumbar cushion. He was comfortable in it for long journeys (though he did get hot and sweaty).
The seat is easy to put into the car onto the base as it has an easy click in and out system. It is also easy to snap on and off the swift using the adapters.

The one complaint I have is the annoying buckle. Most infant seats require the harness to be clicked in together so that didn't bother me too much, though mega plus if that could be changed, the annoying thing is the cloth always getting in the way of the buckle making it difficult to click in, can be frustrating with a wiggly baby.

Bub has been in it since birth and is now 5 months old with a good couple of months left in it yet

easy to use and carry


contrary to other reviews, my little girl was in it until she was nearly 11 months. it was really easy to use and great to take on/off the base and onto the pram.
harness can be a be tricky to clip on as you need to clip both side at the same time but never been a real issue. our wee girl loved it and it was safe and easy to use. definitely recommended with the base as it made is so easy to travel.

Awkward to use


I bought this car seat to go with my Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle (which I LOVE), and am sadly very disappointed with it. As the previous reviewer found, the seat is already starting to look too small for my daughter, who is only 3 months old. But in any case I won't be sorry to move on to another seat, because from day one I have this seat difficult to use. The buckle system is weirdly stiff, and having to collect both strap clips together and push them in at exactly the same makes it a pretty awkward fastening system and tends to mean that I spend so long fiddling about trying to clip my daughter in that she ends up in a rage and we start most journeys with her in tears. And the material used for the seat is very unpleasant and overly synthetic so my daughter is always very sweaty at the end of even a short journey.
On the plus side, the seat is pretty light, and it's easy to lift it in and out of the car and secure it in the car.

LOVE the convenience and so light.


We bought our Protect Capsule, base and travel system clips to go with our MB swift and it has been so convenient! My 12 week old son still falls asleep in his car seat on EVERY outing (even down to the dairy!) and stays asleep when we're out and about. It's easy to get in and out of the car using the clip base, but when we put it in our other car, with no base it's also super easy to secure tightly using only a seatbelt.

It's also so handy to be able to clip the seat onto the buggy and wheel him about, instead of lugging him to and fro. This also means that he rarely wakes up too soon while we're out an about and are often home before he wakes!

The only negative I have to say is that my son is bigger than most babies (8.5kg at 12 weeks) so we've had to buy another car seat in preparation as he'll be too big for it in a few weeks - we were hoping we would get at least 9 months out of it! I also feel it's quite narrow at the shoulders compared to other capsules so even though the harness is still just below his shoulders, he's quite snug in there and he's starting to look a bit uncomfortable in it. I wonder if it would have lasted even 9 months for normal sized babies?

Incredibly safe


My 3 month old is very comfortable in the seat and is reclined enough to fall asleep without me worrying about her head falling forward. The 5 point harness means she is super secure and I feel reassured that she is nice and safe. Overall the protect is incredibly easy to use, fantastically safe and secure and offers excellent value for money. I would recommend it 100%!

Incredibly safe


My 3 month old is very comfortable in the seat and is reclined enough to fall asleep without me worrying about her head falling forward. The 5 point harness means she is super secure and I feel reassured that she is nice and safe. Overall the protect is incredibly easy to use, fantastically safe and secure and offers excellent value for money. I would recommend it 100%!

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