NOUVELLE nacelle cocoon

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le confort du nouveau-né est assuré grâce à cette nacelle, position horizontale, très légère qui voyage avec vous.

une nacelle pour nouveau-né, douillette avec des parois rembourées, conçue en tenant compte du confort de bébé. munie d´une protection couvrante à fermeture éclair et d´ un canopy rabattable pour protéger votre bébé des éléments extérieurs. La nacelle est également fournie avec une base solide et des poignées, comme ceci vous pouvez transporter l´ enfant à l´intérieur et à l´extérieur sans troubler son sommeil.

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compatible avec toutes les  poussettes Mountain Buggy  excepté avec la nano pré-2016, la +one et la cosmopolitan;

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Great purchase


I wish we had bought the cocoon sooner. We figured we would wait and see of we needed it - turns out our baby girl hated the car capsule, so we needed the cocoon to be able to use our Nano. She loves the stroller and the cocoon, and it's been handy having an extra (portable) bed.

Great for newborns but needs to be improved


We bought this cocoon to fit our nano stroller and use it for our newborn. Overall, it's a great product but it needs several improvements:
- the cocoon doesn't include a mattress which makes it pretty uncomfortable especially if baby wants to nap in it
- the cocoon is not very long and our 5 weeks baby has already almost outgrown it in regards to her height
- the handles are also very short which makes it almost impossible to carry the cocoon with one hand (and carry the folded stroller on the shoulder)
- the cover has a zip that doesn't go all around the cocoon. 1/ difficult to take baby out of the cocoon 2/ too hot for the summer 3/ impossible to fold the cover

Easy to use but hard to wash


I bought this to use with my mountain buggy nano and it works great. Easy and quick to assemble. My biggest gripes are that its difficult to wash as you cant remove the fabric inside and the cover/hood is in a fixed position.

Wouldn't put a new born in it


I bought the nano with the cocoon as my soon was only 1 month old so I could start using the stroller straight away. You definitely need to buy a mattress or liner as the cocoon's bottom is very hard. You can't open it completely so can be tricky to put baby inside it. When you close it, it goes so far that half of baby's face is covered... also it could have been nice to have a retractable canopy. All this explain why it was only £50.

Excellent product


Item is easy to put on pushchair and just as easy to remove. It's sturdy enough to carry baby around as well as being comfortable for baby.



I am very disappointed with the cocoon. It is so small my 3 month olds legs are hanging over the front. We are in Florida and the top zipper portion can not be removed so the baby is extremely warm in the cocoon. She is too small to just be in the seat. I guess this cocoon is only good for babies 0-2 months.

Love it


I have twin boys and bought the mountain buggy along with the cacoons so glad I bought The extras so easy to use and very warm for the boys. I had another pram that was not practical so the mountain buggy was much better getting through small place the only thing I wasn't keen on was that the babies didn't face me this is why I purchased the cocoons very good value for money

Brilliant! Nano & Cocoon combo


We purchased the Nano and cocoon to go on our holiday to England. The pram is compact, easy to manoeuvre and fits into cramped cafes / restaurants / shops with ease. The cocoon was perfect for keeping our little man warm. Loved how you can clip off the cocoon if baby is sleeping without disturbing him. Only one suggestion would be the hood of the cocoon to be like the Nano because you cannot fold back the cocoon hood which makes getting our baby on / out difficult. I am thrilled with our purchase and highly recommend it to anyone travelling or wanting a quick light and easy pram to use.

Great product


This cocoon is fab! I use it everyday and my newborn gets to sleep through school/kindy drop offs/pick ups with ease. Its compact and also fits in a suitcase so perfect for travel. It secures well to my Duet so Im happy!

Cocoon - great addition to our MB Urban Jungle


Have only been using this product for a month, but so far we are very happy with it! It is great as it can be used as a portable cocoon or strapped into out pram! Our daughter seems to love it and is always sound asleep whilst in it! Great price for what it is!
Only challenge we had was attaching it to our pram, as the straps and clips are so tiny and tight!

Agree with below post


Agree with the below - thanks for tips on Moses baskets matresses they a treat and will make baskets more comfy and also protect from stains etc

Right Product, Right Time


I bought this for baby 2 to go with the MB Swift we already had for number 1 and it has been the perfect accessory. Because I swap the use of the pushchair between the two children it is great to not have to remove the entire seat to do so. And the advantage of having a safe sleeping space for baby while we go to number 1's activities, outweighs the disadvantage of having to lift the baby out of the car seat. Baby is also not restricted and crunched up by the car seat for extended periods.
It has doubled as a bed when we go away overnight and baby slept soundly as normal.
The one thing that I would fault it on would be the hood. It is removable, which is great but if it is off it is a nuisance to cart round so I often don't have it when I do want it. If it folded down (like the hood on the pushchair) it would be more versatile.

Newborn has enjoyed


We have a toddler and newborn, we bought this for a recently purchased duet stroller... Our newborn has enjoyed it, comfortably taking naps while on walks. I think it's a great product, a great alternative to clipping and having our newborn sit in a car seat all the time. Slight negatives (1) had to wash & supports do not come out or detach from the side of the cocoon, although the base does have a hard insert one can remove, (2) product clips on with 4 clips to stroller, it's a tight fit but not a problem for us as we do not connect & disconnect after every use - if you have small truck space in your car, this might get old!
Nevertheless, I would recommend!

Love it


Loving the new cocoon it fits on both the single and double buggy easy to fit and remove and it's great to remove and leave baby sleeping when we get home from a walk.

Easy to use, really useful for peaks we already ha


We had a mountain buggy duet and urban and it has been a great edition, so easy to use, so glad we bought it



Very disappointed that the mountain buggy nano 2 can not be collapsed with the cocoon still inside as a very similar buggy on the market can be. It means there is no benefit really in travelling with it for the first 6 months on planes which is what is really one of its main selling points.

Love but needs to be longer :'(


I absolutely LOVE my nano so easy to use, so light to unfold and fold away. Love that my big 3yr old can go in it if needed.
But I am gutted about my cacoon. It has been awesome with out little guy as I use it if he is going to be in the push chair for awhile otherwise he's in the capsule. I use it as a portable bassinet as it is always in the car with the pushchair. But sadly at 3 1/2 months he's to big! (Especially when it is sold to use the lie flat option to 6mths) he's just a 'normal' sized babe and his head and feet touch the ends.
Because of the short amount of use it has had I wouldn't spend the big cost on it if I had known it was only going to last such a short time. There is room for it to be longer when it's on the nano, so maybe something to look into mountain buggy?? Also it zips up to far, when fully zipped you lose that baby ;). So gutted we can't use it anymore :(. But other than that the nano push chair its self is 5/5!!

Very handy and warm with MB mini


We bought this to travel in winter. It was 3 degrees Celsius and windy. So glad to have the cocoon in the MB Mini. Travelling was easy as it fits easily in the over head locker on the regional planes. It kept our Bub protected and warm all day.

great item on terrain but deceiving


i specifically purchased the Terrain because every write up and review out there for baby joggers hails this one as the "only jogging stroller approved for use from Newborn.." As a serious trail/ultra runner, I needed to start training asap for the upcoming races and was relying on this stroller, only to find out after purchasing that it is not intended for running with, whether on or off pavement, a newborn, until about 6 months old..which is just like every other jogger out there! I would have purchased a different one if I knew this.

Newborn Cocoon (for Mountain Buggy Nano V2)


Good size, quite long so should last the baby for a while
Looks quite well built but will see with longer term use
Integrates with the Mountain Buggy Nano V2 Stroller (2016) version
Carry handles useful, removable from buggy
Light construction
Simple 2 clip attach to buggy/pram/stroller
Has a hood to cover baby
Bottom has a hard wooden board backing, so that the baby can lay on a flat surface, rest of the product is foldable/collapsible into a flat structure for easy storage and transport (this is also how the product was boxed when it arrived)

There is an plastic smell with this when new, not a big issue, just put it out in the sun to air out before use with baby.
Due to the way the product was packaged, the initial product may appear folded and crumpled, so that the sides are less willing to take shape, again this is not a big issue, just put a pillow inside to expand it and let it rest for a couple of days, then it will take the shape as depicted in the photos.
Hood construction a little bit flimsy (just being picky, not a big problem, part of the light weight construction)

Possible improvements for the product include:
Should come with a mattress and fitted sheets, to use as a portable baby bassinet!

I don't know why the website and manuals do not specify the dimensions, but you can add a mattress and get fitted sheets by searching for a Moses Basket Mattress 75cm x 28cm (round corners, sometimes specified as 73 or 74cm as well) for example on ebay or Amazon. It appears to be a standard size these kind of baskets.

The inside of the cocoon was light brown in color in the version I got. The picture on the website appears to be grey on the inside. Other then that looks exactly the same. I don't mind myself, I think both colors are nice, just something to be aware of.

Overall I would recommend this product. There appears to be little info out on this product on the internet, which may make some buyers (including myself) reluctant to purchase, so I will write another review after longer term use of the product to see how it fares.

Great product


We have purchased the cocoon as part of our terrain pram. It has served us so well, we are using it instead of a bassinet for our baby to sleep in during the day and night, we just carry it around the house and then also use it as an attachment to our pram. We feel we got great value buying this product as opposed to a carrycot AND a bassinet which we would have only used for 3 months or so anyway. Bit of a pain attaching it to the pram but not much bother. We lined ours with a lambskin.

Great bassinet


Works perfectly for us and our newborn. Highly recommend.

Fill the need


This Cocoon fills the need and compatability for the Mountain Buggy pram.
Its portable, easy to use and styly.....however ( theres always a however) the buckle snap locks broke prematurely ( 1week) suggest velcrove fittings which we've done and the mattress could be thicker. All good apart from that.


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