pompe de gonflage

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Pompe de gonflage pour les roues pneumatiques de votre poussette Mountain Buggy.

Not currently available in this region.


Les conséquences de la faible pression des pneus engendrent l'usure prématurée de ces derniers et une réduction du control de la conduite. Le niveau de pression recommandée pour une performance optimale de vos roues de poussette Mountain Buggy est 1.5 bar. Pour éviter d'endommager vos roues, utiliser uniquement une pompe à main pour gonfler vos pneus.



This tyre pump doesn't fit the connection, it is effectively useless.

Great features


I'm happy with what I purchased it saved a lot of time.



It was broken! I couldn't pump up mountain buggy tyres so went to Bunnings to get inner tubes but they informed me it was the pump! So much effort for nothing. I waited three days for the pump to be delivered and it was faulty! I have two small children and the rigmorol was exhausting. A purchased a working pump from mitre ten. I would like a full refund and delivery please.

Easy to use


I run with my MB Terrain and it's great to have the tire pump when I need to quickly inflate the tyres for a top up instead of using a bike pump.
The product would be better if it came with instructions.

Not worth it


Very cheaply made and does not work with smaller front tire

Not fit for purpose


Just got out my pump to use on the front tyre and it does not fit! It needs a connector or adapter but one not provided, absolutely ridiculous

Poor quality


Managed to pump one of the tyres before it fell apart...poor quality would not recommend it. Waste of £10. Bought a pump from a sports shop near me for £4 which works perfectly.



The connection between the tire and pump in not secure and air that has just been pumped will escape.


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