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Un plateau facile à fixer pour le confort de votre enfant.Compatible avec la collection luxe urban jungle.

*noter que ce plateau n´est compatible qu´avec les modèles de poussettes fabriquées à partir de 2015

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caractéristiques principales: 

  • Lavable au lave-vaisselle
  • Revêtement en caoutchouc pour tenir les bouteilles 
  • Fixation de la barre d´appui en un simple click
  • Supporte jusqu´à 2kg  
  • Compatible avec la collection luxe urban jungle
  • mountain buggy cup holder is a convenient cup holder which attaches to your buggy for a life without limits.

    porte gobelet

  • Angle the parasol umbrella where it is needed on your Mountain Buggy for privacy and protection


    compatible avec les siège autos...
  • mountain buggy pouch convenient buggy bag which easily attaches to your buggy. Holds all your essentials whilst on the go

    sac banane

  • mountain buggy lambswool liner on buggy provides 100% natural woolen warmth, as well as extra comfort for your child.

    lambswool liner

  • blanket_v1_nautical_37_folded_1200x1200

    NOUVELLE couverture Mountain Buggy

  • mountain buggy hand muffs warmth for your hands, whilst pushing your buggy



Very Handy!


I brought this a month ago for our urban jungle luxury and I love it. My toddler can easily get his drink in and out of the cup holder and its ideal for putting snacks on the tray while out walking.

Doesnt fit properly


I tried to fit is but it jist somes out, it doent stay put. Waste of money.
I bought it for the urban terrain 2016 so is the correct model for it

Just what my swift 2016 was missing


My daughter loves it, it fits all of her sippy cups, and is a great design

Useful but could be improved


The tray itself is useful but comes out too easily (toddler can pull it off). The bar it connects to doesn't stay level so the food isn't easy to get to or keep on the tray (it tips up). Price point is good but room for improvement

Fantastic Product


Love this, value for money. Would highly recommend.

Doesn't stay attached


Bought the snack tray and it won't stay attached to the stroller. My one year old just pulls it off... waste of money!



I purchased the mini&swift grab bar for my stroller, as well as the food tray. The grab bar fits perfect, the food tray does NOT! At first it looked sturdy that's why I did not send it back, but after using it on uneven ground it just popped right off. It also pops of when my child lifts his legs up on the trail or tries to lift his legs over the bar. I would not purchase the food trail again!

Comes off too easily


The tray is sturdy, good quality plastic. It's easy to clean and the cup holder is super handy. The worst thing about the tray is that it comes off so easily. I have only used it a couple of times because my son just kicks it off. Has anyone come up with ideas on how to secure it properly? It would be great if Mountain Buggy could make a new bar that clipped onto the frame. Then it would be much more practical!

Great addition to our stroller!


Very happy with the tray! Fits perfectly and looks good. Baby loves banging her toys on it and holding on to the sides.

Mine stays on!


Despite reading all the reviews saying it pops off too easily, I bought this anyway because of the low price. I'm very happy - it's almost perfect! Mine stays on the bar of my new model Swift very snugly. In fact I had to kind of force it on and it is a challenge to remove. The only strange thing is that it doesn't follow the shape of the bar exactly at the sides. It's tight at the front but flared out slightly towards the seat, as if it were meant for a wider stroller. It's not unsightly, nobody would notice but me, but it makes me wonder if I was sent the wrong model. I don't care though because it stays on and is a lovely compact design. So much nicer than the big bulky things most strollers come with. Simple and streamlined, which is what I love about all Mountain Buggy products. The cup holder is brilliant.
(PS I did not receive incentive for this review, thought the submission form only gave me a 'yes' option to the question.)

Absolutely love it!


I bought this along with the new style grab-bar for my legacy model Swift. I was a bit concerned after reading reviews that the tray wouldn't stay on, but we have not had any issues at all with it. You have to push it down hard to get it to attach properly, but once it is on it takes a good amount of force to get it off, which is perfect. This is an absolute must-have for toddlers! My two year old thinks it is fantastic.



Is there a tray or arm that will fit pre-2015 Urban strollers?

Worthless- Do not purchase


This thing will not stay on the bumper bar. We tried to use it a few times with no success. Waste of money and a big disappointment. We have the New +One if that makes a difference to anyone reading this review.

Doesn't stay on !


I just received the food tray and the bumper bar and I love the bumper stick on nice and tight but the food tray doesn't wanna stick to the bumper bar like the bumper bar to slippy ? It's like playing seesaw with it trying to stick it down

Does not stay put


I love the idea and design of this tray but unfortunately it does not stay on the bar. My 12 month old can easily push the tray off or kick it off with his knees/feet. Several times while running the tray has coming flying off because my little guy was messing with it. On a few occasions the tray was also accidentally kicked off while getting him out of the stroller. I wish there was a way to permanently affix the tray to the bar. Since the bar is already made to be removable I don't see the point of having the tray be removable as well, especially with an active 1 year old. Too bad.

It's OK, but pops off a lot. Not a tight fit.


I bought this to use on my 2013 Terrain. I had to buy the new bumper bar to use as well. I've tried using it a few different times, and it won't sit flush in the bar. My son (12 months) can very easily pull the tray off the bar. I'm worried that if I run with the stroller that it won't stay put if I hit a decent bump (like a curb or something). I do like the cup holder portion and the size of the tray. It's a good size and works well with someone the size of my 12 month old. I just wish it stayed on the bar!

Amazing accessory!


I absolutely love this food tray! keeps my busy toddler occupied in while on the move, and also keeps the buggy far cleaner! Not only does it have a place for the sipper bottle, and snacks, its also great for holding a small book and toys! Don't know how I lived without it! Thank you Mountain Buggy :)


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