freerider stroller board

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Ride close. Ride free. From stroller board to scooter fun! 

"What a great product! My oldest son loves riding on the freerider while his little sister cruises along in our urban jungle!" - Sam, freerider owner

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stand out features of the freerider stroller board: 

  • attaches via a connector that fastens to the rear axle of your buggy for buggy board mode 
  • quick release button attaches/detaches buggy board from connector
  • connector can be positioned anywhere on the rear axle at pusher's preference
  • 2-mode rear wheel castor - swivel for using as a stroller board to follow the buggy in any direction and fixed straight for scooting
  • rear wheel brake for using in scooter mode
  • skateboard style truck steering - safe for little ones
  • grip pad - anti slip surface on the deck
  • clip in handle bar that can be taken off for folding up the back of the buggy
  • toggle to fasten board up the back of the buggy out of the way

what's in the box:

  • freerider base with 3x wheels
  • removable handle
  • toggle 


  • connector 2 (sold separately) attaches freerider to:
    • 2015+ model dash
    • voyager
    • navigator
    • dot
    • 2014+ model vibe
    • verve (any version)
    • s4
    • classic
    • sport v1 & v2
    • hammerhead
    • explorer 
    • Mountain Buggy nano
    • Bugaboo Cameleon
    • BOB Revolution (not compatible with CE versions)
    • Britax StriderPLUS
    • Easywalker Duo 
    • Ou'N'About nipper double 360
  • connector 1 (sold separately) attaches freerider to:
    • Mountain Buggy cosmopolitan
    • Mountain Buggy mini
    • Mountain Buggy swift
    • Mountain Buggy urban jungle
    • Mountain Buggy terrain (with swivel front wheel)
    • Mountain Buggy +one
    • Mountain Buggy duet
    • Mountain Buggy duo 
  • connector 3 (sold separately) attaches freerider to:
    • Baby Jogger City Mini (not compatible with City Select or City Mini GT)

Tech specs

  • L56cm x W21cm
  • handle bar height: 68cm
  • weight: 2.2kg
  • maximum weight capacity of 20kg
  • video instructions>


Ease of use & assembly


We bought this for our son who's 2.5 years old. He may be a little young for it yet as he only wants to be on it for a short amount of time before wanting to be picked up again or just walk along on his own. Otherwise it's been a great purchase which I know will get a lot more use before too long.

Limited versatility


You can't lift the stroller up and down curbs from sidewalk to street and back with the free rider board attached. We bought the rider board to help us navigate 2 children through city living. We unfortunately can't use it. It just isn't versatile enough for pushing the stroller up and down curbs. Also the board is very flimsy.

The best accessory for a stroller


We bought this a while back for my son when I was pregnant with my second child. It lets my son to scooter and have fun by himself. It also let's him stroll along on the board when he's tired so I can push him along. Loving it very much!!

Nice ride for my grandson


Purchased for Christmas gift so that my grandson could be included in the walks with his little brother,

Such a useful and fun accessory!


I bought this a month ago for a seaside family holiday where I was not going to have access to a car and it was a lifesaver!

I LOVE THIS SCOOTER! My 4 year old loves it as well and so many people comment on how "cool" it looks. I've used it every day since we purchased it.

Hills and corners it handles pretty well, even through grass...only limit is your own fitness level pushing 2 children, pram and scooter but has allowed me to take two children out and about more freely.

Having the scooter attachment down for the child to ride does slightly limit foot room for pushing but I got used to pushing the pram a little from the side very quickly.

I would highly recommend. I'll be sad when my eldest grows to big for this :-)

Awesome fun


We ummed and ahhed about buying this for a while for our urban jungle pram...we should have brought it earlier. It's awesome. Our 2.5 year old loves it. Makes shopping and walks so much easier and relaxed. It's so much fun for kids, and for us it has stopped our child running off or asking to be carried continually (which is hard when you also have a newborn). If you stop at a park or cafe, your child can ride it around.
It's finicky to get the hang of getting it securely into the adaptor, but once you get the hang of it, it's a breeze.

Does not perform as marketed


I bought this for MB Mini, it does not perform (at all) as marketed. It is difficult to steer or turn the stroller if the scooter is attached, once my toddler adds her weight onto the Freerider, it's impossible to navigate the stroller. I really wanted this to work and I'm stuck with it because return period is only 2wks. So bummed

Was not tested on prisoners


Does not work with the basinet in its original position. Had to move the basined to the front and much lower for the ferried to fit.

Walking the pram and steering is much harder with the ferried installed, you have to walk of the side of the pram which makes directing very difficult.

I made myself a little system to carry the freerider on the side of the pram when not in use. Some straps to hold it on the side.

Saying that, it is convenient that the toddler can stand on the freerider while the baby is in the pram. If this knowledge I would have preferred to buy the regular platform.

Does all its boasts.


Ive had this now for 6 weeks. My 2.5 yo scoots behind our swift with the bassinet fitted. It's a tight squeeze so we use it without the handle and 2.5 holds onto the sides of our bar or the end of the basinet. It should be much better when we switch to the forward facing pram. As a scooter it scoots smoothly and it feels quite robust yet nice and light.
If you remove the handle bars it folds up with the pram when you collapse it as well. That was a nice surprise I wasn't expecting.
I have a long stride and need to walk to one side or the other but I imagine that I would be doing that no matter what design I chose.

Not really a scooter!


It works well as a board attached to the stroller for the child to stand on, but with the front wheel fixed it doesn't really work as a scooter. Wonder why the front wheel couldn't have been made movable, allowing the child to steer when using as a scooter, especially since the front wheel is not engaged ( it's raised off the ground) when attached to the stroller and being used as a standing board. As a result, our child is constantly stopping and needing assistance to bring the scooter on course holding everyone up - very counterproductive when the whole idea is to help families keep on the move!

Not as rigid as I has assumed


I bought this on line as I coul not find one in store anywhere. This means I hadn't tried it out prior to purchase, and the board is a lot more flexible and less stable than other scooters my 2 yr old has ridden. Means we wil have to wait a bit until he has more balance to use it which is a bit disappointing.

A few disadvantages


It's a great idea but it gets in the way while walking so I have to walk to the side of it. Also not very good as a standard scooter as the front wheel doesn't swivel.

Great product!


I searched everywhere to find a stroller that would fit in the overhead bin on a plane. I am so pleased to have this product. No more long waits holding a wiggly baby waiting for a stroller. At this point we have child #2 and I was thrilled to add on the adapter scooter. My son isn't even 2 yet and he easily rose on it.

Great for a bit of fun but not practical


Recently purchased for my mountain buggy duet for my son to ride on while pushing my twins. He thinks it is fun which is great but! It is a bit of a pain to walk with always in the way of my stride even when placed to one side of the pram . So not practical for a long walk or manuvering around shops

Well worth purchasing!


My 22 month old loves it! We contemplated getting a double buggy, but he is now at the stage where he likes his independence and hates being trapped. He often still walks even with the freerider, but it is great when he gets tired. There is also the option of using the freerider without being attached when he is slightly older. I have had a number of people asking where I bought it. Definitely recommend!

My grandson loves it!


This is great for the long walks to pre- school as he hops on the scooter when he is tired. Downside is that when he stands he is either inside the handle or the safety handle is in his way if he leans outside. The position for pushing the buggy takes a little getting used to but we are still glad we bought it!

Disney Lifesaver


My adapter was missing a piece when it arrived , I requested a new adapter but was sent the piece instead. It was difficult to fix the adapter and I was worried it would break easily. However, it was a lifesaver on my Disney trip for my rather small six year old on the back of our BOB. My two year old also rode easily. I had at least tweety people stop me to ask about it at the park. We can't fold our stroller with the board on, but it's worth the hassle for long days.

Works well!


I've mainly used this as just the stroller attachment as my son prefers his bike to riding a scooter. However, it works very well as a stroller attachment. It makes the stroller harder to push, but I think that would be the same for any similar product.

It is easy to attach and it is great that you can flip it up and store if upright if you are not using it. My son loves looking at his little brother as he is on his scooter!

We use it with our Terrain, and my husband had to adjust the brake so that our son could stand upright between the stroller handles and frame. Otherwise he was constantly getting bashed in the head with the brake.

Overall, works well when I have the inevitable tantrums and refusal to walk!

A great product!


I bought one of these to go on a Mountain Buggy Duet because I'm a Childminder who regularly transports several children of different ages and this board gives me more options. It is easy to attach to the pram although as it's quite long I think that on a single pram it might make pushing a little awkward, I have it attached to one side of the double pram frame so that I can walk to the left of it so it works really well. It unclips easily to make it into a scooter and that has proved very popular with all the children. As a scooter it's not too easy to steer but the children have soon got the hang of that.
It's a good quality product which I would recommend although that is for use on a double pram, it might not be so great on a single pram because it's quite big but it's definitely worth a try.

Great scooter


I got this scooter so my 4-year old could jump on it on the back of my mountain buggy stroller while walking to school, or going to the mall. It has worked excellently for both purposes. Son also likes it for just scooting around. Wheels and ball bearings are high quality, leading to a smooth, fast ride. Like that there are two wheels in the front, which has helped son learn to scoot without fussing too much about balance.



My 2 year old loves this .It is great as it teaches them co-ordination as they use their sense of balance and spatial awareness


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