poussette +one

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super caractéristiques :

  • sont inclus le second siège et le matelas nouveau-né
  • les deux sièges s'inclinent en mode double
  • pliage plus compact (plus de super caractéristiques ci-dessous)
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La one est l´urban jungle… +un. Une poussette tout-terrain qui grandit en même temps que votre famille. La +one se convertit de poussette simple, avec un grand volume de rangement, en poussette double en utilisant le deuxième siège (second siège et matelas nouveau-né inclus).

plus de super caractéristiques :

  • pliage rapide à une main avec verrou automatique invisible
  • pliage facile avec les deux sièges attachés
  • frein à main facile à utliser
  • boucle 5 points intuitive et harnais sans sangle pendante
  • sangle entrejambe ajustable
  • repose-pieds rétractable et dossier plus long
  • nouvelles couleurs tendance
  • tissus plus doux et durables, faciles à nettoyer, résistants à l'usure et à l'eau

les caractéristiques que vous aimez déjà :

  • passage des obstacles exceptionnel pour rouler sur tout terrain avec facilité
  • poignée hauteur ajustable
  • roue avant fixe ou pivotante
  • suspension arrière
  • poistion horizontale pour nouveau-né, position verticale jusqu'à 5 ans
  • compatible avec les grandes marques de sièges auto
  • se convertit en système de voyage
  • certificats de sécurité internationaux

compatibilité :

ce qu'il y a dans la boîte :

  • châssis étroit en aluminium
  • 3 roues 12"
  • tissu intuitif
  • panier de rangement capacité 10kg avec poches de stockage
  • capote avec languette rabattable
  • revêtement réversible
  • pare-chocs à charnière pour accès facilité au niveau du siège principal
  • porte-bouteille

Tech specs

  • poids – 13kg (simple), 14kg (double)
  • largeur - 63cm / 24"
  • dimensions plié verticalement - 109 x 63 x 37cm
  • tranche d'âge – nouveau-né à 5 ans
  • charge maximale :
    • simple - 25kgs / 55lbs
    • double - 20kgs / 44lbs (par siège)
  • carrycot-plus_terrain_onyx_1200x1200

    NOUVELLE nacelle plus urban jungle, terrai...

    carrycot and rear facing seat
  • double sun cover

    +one mesh cover

  • mountain buggy +one double inline stroller fitted with double storm cover

    +one storm cover

  • FREE changing mat! mountain buggy terrain 3 wheeler all terrain stroller graphite duffel bag

    parenting bags

    satchel/duffel (nautical style,...
  • mountain buggy urban jungle luxury collection pepita reversible liner

    coloured reversible liner

  • mountain buggy tool kit closed bag

    maintenance kit

    for buggy and air filled tires
  • blanket_v1_nautical_37_folded_1200x1200

    NOUVELLE couverture Mountain Buggy

Great handling


We bought this for our firstborn (now 5 months) with the idea that if we have a second baby then we are prepared. We like how it handles and can go anywhere. We use it out and about shopping, taking the bus and on a gravel walkway most days. The sun shade that flips down is a great feature, it blocks the wind and insects too. We use the storage tray a lot and are amazed at how much grocery shopping we can squish in there. Handy double pockets at the bottom for pram clips, keys, sunglasses etc. Seems very comfortable for baby too.

We keep a cloth over the sunshade when out as the sunshade does not really protect baby from the sun's glare. Also we get frustrated with the flap at the back blowing open in the wind and having mesh that allows sun to come down on baby's head. It would be great if Mountain Buggy put velcro or a zip function to keep that part closed and got rid of the mesh and just made the back flap all canvas. We understand that the flap is open to allow easy access to a younger baby in the back, but it's a real pain and I've considered sewing on velcro so we have the option to close it. As it is, I use pegs and pram clips to keep it closed.

I would still choose the +one if we had to choose again.

+one love


Absolutely LOVE our Mountain Buggy +one! While I still love carrying Lily in our Juno (which I thrashed when Baxter was smaller) it is so nice to be able to have both kids in the one pram and not be side by side to annoy each other (I say this now, haha).

By the time we got ours, Lily was too big for the newborn mattress which I was a little bit gutted about but overall, we love it. I find the front seat doesn't recline as much as I would like but overall, we love it so far!

I am not the best at following instructions (haha) but managed to assemble it by myself (go me).

We have it in marine and its a nice bright and fresh colour compared with our older UJ nautical. I am looking forward to going on walks with both kids in the near future.

Would highly recommend if you're not wanting to go with the Duet but want a pram that will work for two kids.

Happy with it expect for the front seat buckle


Just brought the plusone today and it's amazing expect as I was gonna put my son in the front seat the buckle arrow as turned and I lightly pushed it and didn't push and turn so don't know what happen there would love to get it sorted . Here is a photo . Won't even buckle now .
Other than the buckle I love do wish there was a sun visor for the first seat though :)

needs a better fabric


I have the plus1 in marine. It is 8 months old and stored inside I use it everyday and am happy with the features and driving of the buggy but I can't believe how much the fabric has faded I wish mountain buggy would use the fabric from the terrain on all the other ranges as the people I know that went with this option have not had the fading issue it seems to be a more withstanding fabric. for the price of the plus1 I am disappointed that it looks years old already

Could be better


I had the older model of the +one and was so excited to have the chance to try the new one! I was disappointed to find that a couple of the changes made between the two models are worse rather than better. The sun shade set up seems very cheaply made. It's floppy and doesn't give the back seat much coverage at all. I like the new buckles. The four separate buckles really secure a wiggly toddler. But I prefered the way the old buckles adjusted to shoulder height by twisting and sliding rather than buckling into the three positions behind the seat cousin. One improvement that has made a big difference in my opinion is the way it folds and locks into position. It's so easy! I love that. My biggest complaint is the position of the seats. They are seriously reclined! My kids are practically laying down instead of sitting in this stroller. This is the exact opposite problem I had with my old +one, which didn't allow them to recline at all. I hope the next model will find a happy medium, maybe some adjustability. I would actually encourage a friend to buy the old model over this one if she asked. For context, I have an almost-two-year-old who sits in the front seat and an almost-four-year-old who sits in the back seat. I use the stroller for running up to 6 miles at a time as well as things like the zoo or the mall. This is the fourth jogging stroller I've owned.

Great buggy


It's a great buggy. Really smooth, versatile and easy to use. A little big for the boot of certain hatchbacks we've tried to get it in and not ideal for navigating some of London's smaller shops and coffee bars but I still wouldn't swap it for another buggy.

Can do everything!


We have the 2011 version. We call it the batmobile as it morphs into whatever you want, and it's black. We had two kids, two years apart and this has been absolutely perfect. Good on all terrains, doesn't tramline, comfortable for the kids. Only problems for us is the rear foot brake system and collapsed size. Sometimes it is near impossible to unbrake it as seems to bind or something. If Mountain Buggy has a retrofit fix for this I'd be really keen to know about it. The collapsed size, well I'm probably asking too much to expect that to be any better.

Extreme fading


Extreme fading on hood within 6 weeks! Replacement hood did the same!

Brilliant invention!


The +One stroller is truly a brilliant invention. I like that in the new version back seat reclines, but I wouldn't have Iowered the front seat back height and I don't like the new fabric. But otherwise its perfect!

It has it's pro's and con's


I like the big wheels that can go through anything and that it can turn into a double stroller, however, I don't like how I would have to take my newborn out of its carseat to put it in the cot if I want to have my toddler sit in the stroller too. It would be a hassle to wake a newborn up to take it out of its car seat and put it in a cold stroller during winter time. Unfortunately because of this I am returning it.

Really great features


I got this for my daughter with a toddler and new baby and she loves it. So easy to use

Couldn't be happier


After reviewing and searching for the perfect double stroller I found the +one. We are in love with it. Yes is it a bit tippy in the grass with my toddler 30lbs in the back but, on the cement it is just fine. My 30b toddler can lie down in the back when she needs to rest too. It folds smaller than most double strollers, and is fairly light. Thank you for the prefect stroller!

Some imrpovements..


I have the older and the new version. I like the fold down and brake system better on the new one, but the old hood is more user friendly and functional for the kids. The chairs also seem to lean back quite a bit on the newer version without a bar to keep the front seat from leaning into the back seat. The front bar also seems to come off too easily. My one year old can pull it off. Perhaps I am putting it on wrong? Finally, I like the removable seat pads but they are quite warm in hot weather. I do like the storage better.


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