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Sylvia, mother of one

California, USA

Because more and more of our generation are becoming active parents, we're now travelling with our babies before they are even a month old, and they're collecting passport stamps before their first birthdays.

As every parent knows, you need to carry the world when travelling with a small child, and the Mountain Buggy bagrider is the perfect solution - letting us carry our baby essentials onto the plane while functioning as a stroller to carry our most important possession, our babies! 


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Going through security is now a breeze since the bagrider goes right on the X-ray belt and we don’t have to wait for special screening for bulky strollers. The cushioned travelling seat provides the perfect angle for those quick bottle-feeding sessions during security and airline lines. 

With the bagrider you can go straight onto the plane, without having to check the stroller at the gate (if you are seated in a bulkhead seat, you can even go into your row and unload your baby right on the seat) and after landing at your destination, in seconds your baby is safely strapped with a five point safety harness and ready to explore a new airport and a new city without having to wait for a stroller at the gate.  For the same price as most carry-on luggage, this is the perfect baby gear for travelling families.