coussin pour siège de cosmopolitan et cano

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un confort supplémentaire et de la couleur pour votre bébé au sein de votre poussette nano ou cosmopolitan

Not currently available in this region.


les caractéristiques principales:

  • rembourrage supplémentaire pour votre bébé dans le siège de la poussette
  • doux pour la peau de votre bébé
  • 100% rembourrage en polyester résistant, facile à nettoyer
  • lavage à la main avec un détergent au PH neutre
  • léger, idéal pour voyager
  • disponible en couleur pierre, turquoise et rouge chili- un accord de couleur parfait pour la poussette cosmopolitan
  • sur mesure pour les sièges des poussettes nano et cosmopolitan et compatible avec le harnais de sécurité

Good extra cushion


We were traveling for a month so this was our main stroller and I wanted some extra cushion. The Nano still folded up with the cushion an a light footmuff. It's not a wipeable cushion and I think the price was a little high for what it is, however it works well and stays in place.

Soft and cushy


I bought this seat liner for my nano a month ago as I was travelling with my 6 month old and felt I needed more cushioning for her. This seat liner was great. You can actually for the nano with the seat liner in it. It's thin enough to fold but has enough cushion to support my little one.

Perfect addition


We bought our nano for a family holiday and thought we would invest in the seat liner to add a splash of colour and comfort for our 9 month old and 2 year old. As our nano is all black, we got the liner in coral and it looks great.
The nano folds perfectly with the liner installed and is very easy to keep clean ;)
Very happy with our purchase :)

Good product.


It's a very good product.I love it very much.My boy love it too.

light weight and perfect for summer


very happy with them , I brought two for a double buggy - look really smart .
good value

Absolutely brilliant


This liner is brilliant, it is very thick and squidgy feeling! Lovely and cushioned for my baby to sleep on , important for me as lots naps in the buggy while I chase about after my older two. Love the stone colour, looks gorgoeus on my black my nano......also love the nano! And it folds easily with this liner on by the way , very pleased and like the price for such a good quality item, I will be buying one for my duet.



I've had this liner in blue for a few months on my Nano and it fits very well and is comfortable for my little one. Adds a pop of color and is cooler than the buggy black lining. Highly recommended.



I've had this liner for a few weeks on my Nano and it fits very well and is comfortable for my little one. Highly recommended.


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