urban jungle luxury collection

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stand out features:

  • NEW one hand fast fold with hidden automatic frame lock
  • 2 styles: nautical (stripe) and pepita (houndstooth)
  • bonded leather detailing (more stand out features below)
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799,00 Disponible dès maintenant. Order today

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Introducing the urban jungle: the luxury collection. 

Available in Nautical and Pepita, the urban jungle luxury collection offers refined styling and luxury aesthetic, including bonded leather detailing, reversible print fabrics in premium canvas and a matching parenting bag with stroller clips.

more stand out features:

  • NEW handbrake, with green 'go' and red 'stop' locators
  • reversible liners - printed and block colour
  • NEW improved suspension
  • NEW retractable leg support
  • NEW simplified front wheel swivel lock 
  • adjustable crotch strap


what's in the box:

  • buggy frame
  • 3 x 12" air filled wheels
  • gate opening grab bar
  • NEW gear tray with 10kg capacity and storage pockets
  • premium, durable canvas fabrics with softer feel & 5-point safety harness that is easier for the parent
  • NEW matching parenting bag with bag clips for attachment to buggy
  • sunhood with magnetic peek-a-boo flap, for silent viewing of your child 


Tech specs

  • weight - 11.5kgs / 25lbs
  • width - 63cm / 24.8"
  • stand fold dimensions - height 90cm / 35.5" - depth 33cm / 13"
  • age range - newborn to 5 years (age reference guide only)
  • maximum load - 25kgs / 55lbs
  • carrycot-plus_terrain_onyx_1200x1200

    NOUVELLE nacelle plus urban jungle, terrai...

    carrycot and rear facing seat
  • montain buggy newborn cocoon with baby

    NOUVELLE nacelle cocoon

  • mountain buggy urban jungle luxury collection with sun cover fitted in nautical

    Nouvelle protection soleil pour urban jung...

  • Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle all-terrain stroller with storm cover

    protection pluie pour urban jungle et terr...

  • mountain buggy urban jungle luxury collection carrycot plus sun mesh cover

    protection en maille pour nacelle plus

  • carrycot plus storm cover

    protection pluie pour la nacelle plus

  • mountain buggy tool kit closed bag

    maintenance kit

    for buggy and air filled tires
  • blanket_v1_pepita_73_folded_1200x1200

    NOUVELLE couverture Mountain Buggy

  • mountain buggy urban jungle luxury collection nautical fitted with food tray

    plateau mountain buggy

Good Pram


The mountain buggy suits very well with our life style, we love it. We use it everyday in town and alan for the afternoon joggings.
It is also very easily dismantled to get the buggy in the car.



This buggy is hands down best buggy in the world ! It's so smooth and easy to push , I also love how easy it is to breakdown, pack away and assemble again ! ( just awaiting baby ! The dogs a good stand in until then !)

Very easy to usw5


Baby hasn't arrived yet, 4 weeks to go but we have played around with the buggy and it's super easy to fold up and down. I'm only 5ft and I still find it manageable. Very excited to use it once baby arrives. Very fast delivery too, will definitely use again.

Worth the Extra Dollar


My partner and I are new parents and found this pram online thinking it would be perfect, though a little expensive. After months we decided to look at other prams but found this one straight away again, which we took as a sign and locked it in.
I have no regrets splashing out for this magnificently crafted baby transporter! With it's flexible, air filled wheels it is so smooth to push I have to race my partner to push the pram when we go out. We love the soft handles, the peep hole to check on bub, the hand brake makes stopping and going super easy and there is enough storage in the bottom for a decent shopping trip. The included nappy bag is amazing, fits everything and more and clips so nicely to the back of the pram. The bassonet would have been adorable to clip to it too but the fact that it's already adjustable for newborns to kids of 4 years is awesome.
We live on a remote island, North of Australia so the pram is a little out of it's comfort zone up here but it handles everything from sun to rain, road and dirt so well.
Would have another child just to use the pram again.

Solid Stroller


*Have yet to use with the included seat. Currently using with the Carrycot +, in the parent facing option (see review).

Love this thing.
- Smooth ride, even over bumpy grass and rough streets
- Easy to maneuver, turns with one hand
- Hand brake (no ruined shoes)
- Easy to fold
- Basket has compartments (yay for hiding things)
- Adjustable handlebar

- tires go flat quickly (I keep a bike repair kit with pump and extra tube attached to base rail)
- Basket is a tad small

Not great with the Carrycot+ or other accessories, will update as I begin using full seat.

Almost perfect... but a few flaws


I did a lot of research before purchasing our UJ nautical package and on the whole, i'm extremely happy with it...BUT there are a few easily fixed tweaks that need to be addressed.

Easy fold down
Extremely easy to push and swivel - a super smooth ride for baby
Just as great off road as it is in a shopping centre
Gear tray holds a decent amount of stuff - hidden pockets are great for nik naks too.
Brake is very easy to flick on and off.
Quite light
Leather handles look very attractive.
Adjustable handle is great for granny/mum/dad comfort.


The fabric is not a great quality or finish - the carry cot was lovely for about a week then the blue started fading out and it is extremely hard to keep clean. Constantly have to lint roller it..and i'm in Ireland where the sun is non-existent!

When converted to the parent facing seat, the holes for the straps look awful and tatty, and again, the fabric used fades and gets dirty very quickly.

My other large bone to pick with the parent facing seat is that it doesn't recline at all so if baby falls asleep it's hard to keep them like that!

The parenting bag that comes with the bundle is the same poor fabric which looks tatty and dirty after a couple of uses. Also everything ends up in a jumbly mess as there aren't enough compartments/structure to the bag to keep things orderly.

Sunshade would be better if it could extend slightly further.

We love it!


We absolutely LOVE our new Mountain Buggy! I'm not usually one for leaving reviews as I'm an extremely busy dad, but this thing has been fantastic! Lightweight, easy to use, and we LOVE the nautical color patterns.

My wife and daughter thank you!

Poor quality stroller


We bought the urban jungle luxury mountain buggy (nautical color) 15 months ago. We decided to choose this stroller because of the nice looks and practicable folding mechanism. In addition because of the price I hoped for good quality but I was wrong.
The fabric fads quickly and looks old and cheap. The handle brake appears handy, however since the brake is located along the frame other stroller can easily get stuck along the cable. That’s what happened to my stroller. Someone got stuck at the cable of the brake pulled and now the brake is no longer working. In addition the signs to unlock and lock the brake fade very quickly and are no longer visible.
The canopy is horrible since the frame bars are made out of plastic and easily bent and the plastic breaks. Also the canopy is connected with press button which disconnect very easy.
In conclusion my beautiful and luxury stroller looks cheap and ugly after 15 months and I’m close to throwing it away and get a different one. I used other strollers in the past for the third of the price and they were much better. Buying this stroller is a waste of money and I would not recommend it.

great stroller!!!


We bought it about 1 year ago and love it. Not only the style but the practicallity! Its simple and easy to use. Light and looks great! Everything is thought trough!! We would by it over and over again!

Why didn't we buy it earlier!!


We bought this a bought a month ago, and so far it's perfect! Jogs in park, grocery walks, fits perfect in malls! It has on spot turn and can maneuver with even single hand! What not to like about!! Oh and super cute diaper bag included!For sure worth compliments when out and about , enough storage, comfortable seat, reclines almost horizontal for a nap, love love the hand break, folds with one hand and compact fold too! 4 stars only because it's not cheap so wish would come with the snack tray



We bought the Urban Jungle Luxury Collection bundle for our new baby in late 2015 - our baby was born in Feb 16 and is now 4 months old. The bundle consisted of pushchair, carrycot plus, bag and drink holder. We bought it so that we would have the option of the carrycot, plus a forward facing and parent facing seat and were very excited about using it. We chose the Mountain Buggy urban jungle so we could use it both on and off road and loved the look of it. However, now we have had chance to use it I am very disappointed at the functionality of the carrycot plus and also the main front facing buggy.

Firstly, my baby is not large for his age but still grew out of the carrycot by 3 months old. I thought this would be okay as we had the parent facing seat option, however was really disappointed to see that this couldn't be used until he was 6 months old. Not only that, but it does not recline which essentially renders it useless as you need somewhere your baby can comfortably sleep - even after 6 months.

I find the black canvas picked up lots of dust and fluff and even though I have only used it twice, it looks like I've had it for ages. This is actually true of the entire pram - the fabric looks hard wearing but attracts fluff and dust and hair and looks a bit worn very easily. The hood for the carrycot has also worn badly and one of the plastic poles used to keep the hood rigid has gone through the fabric after only 3 months of use. It wasn't too difficult getting the carrycot on and off the frame, but you couldn't do it with a baby in it. On a positive note, the carrycot was comfortable for the time we used it and my baby liked looking at the stripes on the inside.

In terms of the front facing seat, it is quite difficult to move it from upright to recline - one clasp rather than two would have been much easier to manoeuvre - as on the nano. With two it's hard to get the pram flat and is very fiddly to do. The hood is also starting to squeak and I am not sure how much longer it will last. My baby is comfortable in it though and the 5 point harness is good.

All in all I had really high hopes but haven't been nearly as pleased as I'd hoped I'd be with our purchase. If you buy I would recommend just buying the buggy and not the carrycot option as it's a waste of money in my opinion.

Great functionality but awful fabric!


I will start by confessing that this is my 4th Mountain Buggy. I had a MB Urban, then sold it and bought a MB Duet when my 2nd was born... replaced that with another Urban when the big one didn't need to ride anymore. When we had our third after a bigger gap the new Luxury line came out and being a die hard Mountain Buggy fangirl I sold our 2013 Urban and ordered one of line - sight unseen!! It was gorgeous. I loved the nautical colors, loved the new fold, loved the new brake, lover the improveday hood mechanism and magnetic closure... it was so lovely!! However I also had many a gorgeous wrap so we hardly used the buggy last summer. We began to use it more (but still not daily) in September and by November, despite living in the Pacific Northwest where rain is the norm, the navy blue was turning purple!! Now it is almost one year old and looks way way WAY worse than any of my other strollers ever looked... ones that were used daily for YEARS and only sustained slight fading. It looks really really bad. Today we took the seat pad off and my older kids said, "woah mom!! Look!! The buggy is BLUE under there!" They were shocked when I reminded them that it was that color when we bought it. I honestly would probably have stuck with our 2013 MB Urban had I known it would have been so badly faded by this point. Though again I love all the new features that I listed initially!! Would I recommend it?? For the last 7 years I have recommended Mountain Buggy to everyone who asked but I have to say I would be hesitant with this luxury series.

Just right!


Love my Mountain Buggy! I did a LOT of research into strollers before purchasing and I couldn't be happier with the Urban Jungle. It is super manoeuvrable in an urban setting AND handles rough terrain with ease. It also works really well with the our car seat.

Love the look


To be honest I only originally looked at the pram because of its looks! I fell in love with the nautical model and the leather details. It looks so stylish. I was glad it had really good features as well otherwise convincing my husband would have been a bit harder, but we loved the handle bar brake, the easy fold and the fact we could add a carrycot to use while our Son was little. We did have an issue with fading but MB got it sorted easily for us. I love taking this pram out and about as I feel so stylish when so many other Mum things are not, and if people are looking at my pram and how cool it is they won't notice my messy hair or spit covered clothes!

Dog friendly and pretty


We wanted a pram that is great for taking the dog for a walk and looks good in town. I like the design and the ease of use. Our daughter is small so carrycot size was good. Could imagine it is on the small side for larger babies. All in all I would choose this one again.

Great pushchair


I bought Urban Jungle Luxyry Pepita pushchair last autumn. This is really great pushchair, lightweight, easy to push, roomy seat, very beautiful design. I would highly recommed this to my friends.

There is no other option!


Shopping for a pram is so overwhelming, but when I asked all my 'mum' friends, one brand stood out. Mountain Buggy. I have only even heard positive comments about all their products and the Urban Jungle was the only choice for me. Bigger than the Swift but can carry a child for longer. I have loved my urban, it's looks, functionality and quality. I am always looking for an excuse to add another Mountain Buggy product to my collection.

Everything you need easy to handle


I bought the urban jungle - luxury nautical package and I love it. I have all the accessories and I love them too. The pram is easy to fold up and down, it looks good and I love how the bassinet is portable. My little one loves riding in the pram. there is only 2 things I don't like about the fabric on the nautical it collects fluff balls and it has faded quickly I have only had the bassinet for 3 months and the navy has faded.

Goes anywhere!


We love our Urban Jungle Mountain Buggy!!! We take it everywhere and it endures all conditions and surfaces. We live in a rainy city and often take it through parks, on sidewalks, just about...anywhere and it is great! I wish the basket was a little bit bigger, but it is a 3-wheeler, so that is hard to change. I would buy another one, if this one ever were to wear out, but it has lasted over 5 yrs, so I don't see that happening.

Beautiful and versatile stroller!


I have had this stroller for about a year now and I co tongue to love it! I live in the Midwest so we see cold and snow and this stroller powers through all of it - and can handle all kinds of terrain in the best of weather too! I effortlessly go from jogging on sidewalks and trails to cruising the mall with our urban jungle! And it's so easy to handle and fold that the added size and weight that come with this kind of stroller (as opposed to at traditional compact standard travel system) are barely noticed! So here's my pros and cons:

Pro: style, comfort, maneuverability, smooth ride, easy folding, adjustable push bar, great amount of storage space, quality build, pull out sun visor is more useful than I anticipated! versatile

Con: the fabric has faded a bit in the sun with summer jogs, the shoulder straps are not removable (I never use them) so the buckles are constantly in the way and my daughter ends up laying on them - not comfortable!, the fabric sling cannot be put in the washer - as there is a cardboard backing( that provides the rigidity of the seat) that is not removable. The snack try just sits on the bumper bar and is easily toppled if the child squirms



So so glad i decided (after much back and forth) on this pram! I have it in the nautical and wouldnt have it any other way. looks fantastic and the quality is amazing! My little man is due in 2 weeks cant wait to take him out in it!

Excellent Versatile Buggy/Stroller!


I bought this model in black and it's amazing. My son has been in a mountain buggy sinVW he was a newborn! It lays down flat and folds flat! The wheels come off and can be filled with a bicycle pump. It's an amazing lightweight stroller!!!!! And they can be taken apart and updated! Love it!!!!

Does it all!


We have found this product so versatile. Great for walking and shopping. Slightly heavy but seems very durable. Recommended.

Love it


Front wheel lock broke in a week of getting it. Couldn't get replacement. Other then that it good

Love, love my stroller


I was fortunate enough to buy the luxury bundle which included the carrycot, matching baby bag and the regular stroller. I get lots of compliments on my stroller. I've given the url to this page to at least 4 girls. Only thing bad is that it's pretty heavy but I still love it very much. I'm hoping to be able to use it for baby number two if I consider having another baby

Great buggy but needs some improvements


I've been using the buggy for 5 months and love how easy it is to move around and I've been able to use for bootcamps and it always gets compliments from others. However, there are some design features that need attention;
the canvas is not practical. a water resistent hood would make a big difference as you can't always have the cover on you when out and you will get caught in a shower
the rear facing seat is not sturdy and looks cheap and uncomfortable when compared with other brands. I cannot wait to get out of it and into the forward facing one which is not what I want to do but can't keep using the rear facing as its too flimsy
the hood doesn't come down far enough and needs a UV shield (if you get rid of the canvas!)
the clips are arkward and cannot be used one handed to lift the carriers out or move the seat position.

Solve this and you will have the best buggy in the market!

Colour fades way to quickly


I purchased this pram 8 months ago and as I work I only use it maybe once a week and usually indoors for shopping etc and was extremely disappointed that the top of the hood had unevenly faded quite badly and the pram now looks old and shabby. All other aspects of the pram work really well and I love the design but the fabric or fabric dye they have used is terrible.

Difficult to work with


This buggy has driven me crazy. Firstly, aesthetically the navy material faded so it looks old and work when it's not, this happened within a couple of months, the green dot where you know to push the brake release forward rubbed off within seconds so now when others try to help me out when pushing the buggy they push the release the wrong way, needless to say the brake mechanism is now half broken, the canopy struts are awkward and don't flip up or down evenly and often pull out of their sockets, this is super annoying, the seat has a flimsy strap underneath supporting the legs, on occasion this has undone and I've found my infant in the storage section underneath hanging on by a tether, bad bad design, the viewing window on the canopy is only good on a non windy day. I see so many other mums so happy with their strollers as they can relax, I'm just stressed with mine and anyone that uses it tells me how much they hate it. Def wouldn't recommend.

Urban Jungle Pepita


This is my fourth Mountain Buggy, having previously owned a 2010 UJ, a Duo and later a Duet. I have always found the brand to be good quality and perfectly suited to my needs, both asthetically and in terms of practicality. I was initially sceptical about the new fabric due to some previous reviews and the store model I viewed was very dirty and covered in fluff. However my luxury model has been great so far and I havent had any issue. I imagine you could clean it up quite easily with a sticky roller anyway.

In terms of features, I couldn't be happier and the pram has far exceeded my expectations. It looks fantastic, handles perfectly and is relatively easy to get around with - I.e in and out of the boot, through doors etc. It has loads of storage, is stable - it doesn't feel tippy if you hang bags from the handle and is just a great all round pram. Having a good pram that suits my needs makes life with children so much easier.

I do have three gripes - I do not like the new buckle at all! The way it clips together in four parts is very annoying and fiddly, not what I need when trying to strap in a squirming kid! I have noticed a lot of new prams in the stores have this type of buckle so it must be the new thing. I also don't really like the hand brake. Mine feels a bit flimsy like it might snap off. I much prefer the foot brake. Last of all is the lack of colours available in the UK for the standard urban jungle model. MB have advertised an all new colour range yet the UJ is only available in 3 colours, two of which - black and silver - are quite dull :-( If the red UJ had been available I would've gone with that over the luxury model and saved £100.

FYI - if you are having trouble keeping your tyres inflated, pump them up at a bike shop or petrol station. I have always found the tyres stay inflated for longer when I have pumped them up with an air compressor, the hand pump just doesn't cut it as too much air escapes when you remove the nozzle. Obviously take care not to over inflate! Also if you are having difficulty finding 10in tubes for you swift or duet, the fellow at my local bike shop just put 12in tubes in the wheels of my duet.


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