carrycot stand

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Convert your baby carrycot into a raised, bassinet style baby rest station for rest and relax, at home and away.

Not currently available in this region.

stand out features: 

  • turns your Mountain Buggy carrycot into a baby rest station - value for money!
  • 2 for 1: carrycot stand + storage basket - 30L of storage in the removeable, washable basket
  • adult bed height 45cm/17in: let's you keep a close eye on your baby
  • lightweight aluminium structure: 2kb/4lbs
  • sturdy construction: max load of 20kg/44lbs
  • simple attachment straps with adaptable length
  • compatible with the following carrycot models:
    • MB mini and swift
    • urban jungle, terrain and +one
    • duo single 
    • duet 
    • cosmopolitan (bassinet only)

Multi-use as a bassinet


We were given the carrycot stand for our original urban carrycot after our 2nd baby was born. I wish we'd had it for our 1st! It's ideal for plonking the little one on after a walk - she always falls asleep in her carrycot but the stroller takes up too much room in our small lounge and kitchen to roll it through so she can keep sleeping. We lift the carrycot off the stroller and secure it to the stand already set up. We've also taken it away with us and used it for overnight sleeps. Love it!


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