pre 2017 duet carrycot plus

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stand out features:

  • interior fabric (carrycot mode) made from Oeko-tex certified fabric
  • a protective exterior fabric (carrycot mode)
  • contoured, ventilated base (more stand out features below)
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199,00 Disponible dès maintenant. Order today

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Carrycot plus converts easily between 3 parent facing modes: lie-flat carrycot, carrycot with incline and a rear facing seat. Stay connected with your baby as they grow!

*If purchasing 2 x carrycots, 1 x carrycot and 1 x joey, 1 x carrycot and 1 x infant car seat, or 1 x joey and 1 x infant car seat, you will need the duet left clip. (Add to your cart  here )


more stand out features:

  • 3 parent facing solutions 
    • lie flat - ideal for newborns up to a max load
    • carrycot incline - perfect for babies with reflux 
    • rear facing seat 
  • easily switch fabrics to convert from carrycot mode to a rear facing seat
  • superior breathability, from the base through the fabrics
  • carrycot feet for use off the buggy


what's in the box:

  • duet carrycot plus, with removable winter liner for extra insulation in colder climates
  • comfortable, aerated mattress
  • sunhood (4 colours) each providing UPF 50+ sun protection
  • carrycot clips

*This carrycot is compatible with the 2017+ duet.

Tech specs

  • maximum load:
    • lie flat - 9kgs / 20lbs
    • carrycot incline - 9kgs / 20lbs
    • rear facing seat - 15kgs / 33lbs
  • plenty of growth room - 80 x 30 x 22cm / 31 x 11 x 8"
  • mountain buggy duet carrycot plus fitted with suncover

    mesh cover for duet carrycot plus

    fits 2015+ duet carrycot plus
  • mountain buggy adaptable Duet Carrycot Plus storm cover

    storm cover for duet carrycot plus

    fits 2014+ duet carrycots
  • carrycot_stand_v2_default_3-4_1200x1200

    carrycot stand

  • cosmopolitan GEO with blanket_on_stroller

    NOUVELLE couverture Mountain Buggy

  • bagrider_suitcase_hero_1200-x-1200




My baby is 13 pounds and 3 months old. She can't even fit in this any more! It's SO small.
Great idea but you can't only use it for about 2 months.

Great in theory...


We bought this for our twins thinking it would be better for them to lay flat instead of being in a carseat. However, this carry cot system needs some improvement. First, they are super narrow. I realize it's a narrow stroller but you'd think in order for them to market a product it would have to be narrow AND useful. Our son is in the 33rd percentile in size and outgrew this carry cot by the time he was 3 months old. He was born at 5.75 pounds, so it's not like he was a huge baby. Our daughter, who is in the 0 percentile, seems to fit just fine but I don't think that most babies are that small. Now let's talk about the apron. It is impossible to keep it on when you have both carry cots on the stroller. It doesn't have a zipper or even snaps to keep it in place - just some small pieces of velcro where it attaches to the hood. When both carry cots are in place you can't even get your fingers in between them to attach it. Which brings me to my next complaint - it's very, very hard to take the carry cots off the frame by yourself. The tabs that you have to press on are in the middle where your fingers can't reach and on the side, so you have to go underneath and push on the tabs, while using your shoulder to lift the carry cot up at the same time. Not easily done, but if you have to put the stroller in your car then you have no choice. It is also extremely warm, which is great for winter but if you were to use the carry cots in the summer it might be too hot for your baby. The insulation around it does not come off on mine. It seems to be sewn in. Since our boy doesn't fit in the carry cot anymore we decided to try the parent facing seat that came with it. Another great idea, in theory. The frame is metal and narrow (the same one for the carry cot) and presses against his shoulders. There's also some nubby things under the frame that dig into him, making it also extremely uncomfortable for him. I am really hoping the regular seats are more comfortable for him.

Love using this


I have this for my duet, I've found that if I click the hood on right in carrycot mode I don't have an issue. I had big baby (5kg at birth) was worried as it appears so narrow but she has fit comfortably in it, she is now 3.5months and doesn't look like outgrowing it for a couple more months. You do have to detach it to collapse the frame but a lot of prams these days have you do that, it is annoying but it's not a big deal. It looks great and she seems very comfy in it. Looking forward to trying it in rear facing mode.

Bit slim


Bit on the slim side; but it makes it cosy for baby I spose! I'd trial it first if I had a wide baby. Only way I guess to make it the same width as the single; but still very satisfied with it-and the fact baby can sit up in it!!!

Good concept, poorly executed


I wanted to love this - the concept is great. But for the price, I expect high quality and there are some major flaws here that seemingly could've been avoided. 1) the sun shade does NOT stay up in bassinet mode, no matter how many times I tried to adjust it. I even tried taping it in place. But no, it just falls down. The shade just needs a little stretch or something so it can fit to the edge of the bassinet as it's supposed to without it popping off and falling down. FAIL. 2) the bassinet is like an oven. We live in Texas and my poor baby gets NO air in this thing. To work for all climates, there should be a summer mode and then an additional layer that's optional for colder climates. 3) I don't know what #3 is, but I'm sure I'll find something else wrong once I try using this as a seat... :(

Ingenious product!


I'm very happy and my child!
Easy to assemble
Not taking up space in storage
Thank you Mountain Buggy!!



After reading reviews about this carrycot I was very reluctant. I was given one to try with my mountain buggy duet and it has been brilliant. I make big boys and I was concerned that it was so narrow it wouldn't last long. My son is 98th centile and at 2.5 months he still fits comfortably. As he is a curious little guy I'm going to try the parent facing seat soon (this doesn't appear to be very strong or winter resistant so I am a little dubious but willing to be proven wrong again.). I was also concerned about issues with the hood as I had read this a few times in reviews but as long as it is clicked into place properly I have had no issues.

Disappointing, changes needed


I hardly used mine. Maybe four times. The hood keeps falling down and the material over it struggles to stay on. The mattress cover does not come off for washing. Removing the bassinet requires some tugging that would wake any baby. Expensive and in necessary as the duet is fine for a newborn without it.



This seat is perfect for parent who want to face their little babies. My baby is so happy to go out now, as before I got this seat she was always crying because she could not see me!!!!

Been great so far...


Easy to put together and easy to attach to the stroller. Yes, it is narrow--it's a narrow stroller and that's what they praise about the Duet so it shouldn't surprise anyone that the bassinet made to fit in it is narrow. My hood stays put if I click it into place which isn't difficult. If you don't do that, it will flop down. Also the black cover attaches to the hood as well. I wish you could leave the bassinet attached to the stroller during collapsing/folding, but I think that if it could, the fold would be much thicker and cumbersome (I do leave adapters attached to the frame). It took a lot of practice to master removing th bassinet from the frame adapters, so that's why it gets 4 stars instead of 5. I haven't used as a rear facing seat yet so that could make a difference regarding my opinion. I'll update if my thoughts change.

Very disappointed


The hood constantly falls down, we had one replaced but the new one still continues to fall down after every little bump we go over. Drives. Us. MAD. It does not stay up as ts supposed to. At all.
It is also very frustrating that it does not fold up with the pram, you have to detach it from the frame every time you load it into and take it out of the car. A terrible design flaw. For the money spent...I would not recommend.



This is an attractive product but fell well short of my expectations - my daughter (who is of average size on the percentile charts) was too snug in the carrycot by three and a half months but the rear facing seat (the reason for the expenditure) is not suitable till 6 months -and she was indeed far too small for it. We have the Duet which we love and so from the carrycot transferred her straight into the second seat beside her brother, -this seat lies flat and was absolutely fine. by the time she was 6 months and able to use the rear seat her and her brother were so used to interacting that it seemed wrong to face her back towards me. The rear seat is completely unused and I feel that this product was a waste of money. a standard carrycot would have sufficed.

A must for twins


Bought two of these with the intention of using them on the duet frame. However their best use is on the stands, which can be purchased separately. These have become the day bassinets for the twins so they can be in the lounge with us. They are great for travel as well. We have them sitting either side of "The Chair of Responsibility" in the lounge.

We have since actually used them on the frame to go out for walks as well. They are tricky to get on and off the frame, but a bit of practice sorts that out. The hood must be lifted to be locked in to place also otherwise it will fall down. Getting a good fit with the hoods up on the frame can also be troublesome as it is a tight fit.

Of course the frame can't fold up with the carry cots on. I am not sure how that would even work with this type of product. We take them off and clip them straight on the stands with the sleeping babies still in them. Realistically the cots need to be clipped onto the frame with the babies already in them, as the black top piece can't easily be put on after.

Had higher hopes


I had the older bassinet and I thought that for sure this one would solve the problems that plagued the first one. The canopy does NOT stay up. It falls constantly and it doesn't fit on the back, especially when the bassinet is tilted. I also feel like it is so clunky with all the parts and you have to practically disassemble it to move it to another position. Not worth my time, money, frustration...

Good is useless


I had higher expectations of this as I have the older style carry cot for my urban jungle and it's fantastic. This carrycot just seems to be of a lower quality overall and the hood especially frustrates me as it doesn't stay up properly. I do use it heaps but I probably wouldn't have bought it had I seen it first.

Not the easiest


I've used these with my twins they are hard to detach and a pain it can't be left in pram to fold. The hoods fall down all the time and my boys just wouldn't get comfortable in them as they're very narrow. It was a waste of money on my part.

Poor design for twins


I was bought the mountain buggy with two carrycots for my newborn twins as I wanted my newborns to be able to lie flat for the first few months. I have a few issues with the design of this product as follows:
• The aprons are extremely difficult to secure in place. It is impossible to get both aprons down the centre of the cots which then makes it impossible to secure the hoods on the inside join.
• It is difficult to attach the aprons to the hoods on the outside and impossible on the inside join because the aprons are not able to fit down the join of the two cots.
Without the aprons attached, the hoods are not completely secure and after only a few weeks use, a gap has appeared between the hood and the base, creating a draft for the babies.

Overall a very disappointing product that I feel is not fit for purpose.



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