12 inch tyre set

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Set of 2 twelve inch external tyres for the wheels of your urban jungle, duo, +one or terrain stroller. 

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These tyres can be replaced by first deflating the inner tubes on your wheels and switching the tyres, before re-inflating the inner tubes. These tyres are also compatible with the following older model strollers:

  • urban and urban elite
  • double urban and double urban elite
  • pre-2010 terrain
  • double terrain
  • triple urban 
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solid product. easy to put on buggy.


Brought a pair of replacement 12 inch tyres that were easy to put on and replaced the old tyres nicely.



Replacement wheels as the old ones had worn out after many years and lots of wear, happy with new ones easy to replace



I have an older mountain buggy and these tires and tubes are a perfect match. Gotta order another 2.

Wobbly wheels


After having a blow out of one of my tires in town I purchase both the inner and outer parts of the rear tires. Unfortunately once fitted and at the correct PSI level they are slightly to big I think (even after triple checking that I have the right buggy and tire match) they have created my once perfect buggy to wobble on both sides like we have flat tires.

Fantastic Service


We ordered the tire set which was extremely well priced and arrived quickly. The quality of the product is outstanding.

Wrong parts


I don't normally leave reviews. But since you insist.

I managed to order the wrong sized tubes/tyres. It is the very first time I have ever got an order wrong online.

1. Be very careful to double check the store don't rely on what "looks" right.

2. It's too expensive to return the incorrect parts. So I am now stuck with them. The pram is now clearly uneconomic to fix at double the cosy plus double postage to reorder the correct parts. I'll just their it out.

3. Anyone in Hong Kong need 12 inch wheels and tubes can make me an offer. No postage on the parts.

Negative experience - yes.

Very fast delivery, great products


Bought the 12 inch tire set and a maintenance kit. Very fast delivery and great products. Would recommend these any time!

Old tyres completely worn through


Happy to receive our new tyres. We love our mountain buggy, however we are disappointed that we had to buy new ones in the first place. Our daughter is only 15 months so old tyres were not that old. We have friends who's tyres have lasted 8 years without having to be replaced. Hopefully these ones last a bit longer.

Sturdy new Tires


Having done many kilometres with my pram it was time to replace tires
Ordered and arrived in 2 days...and so easy to fit

Quick delivery


Thanks for the quick delivery. The tires seem to wear out really quickly considering the price. Can you buy these in sets of 3 or 1? Just wondering as you have three wheels on the pram.

Good quality


Great product and service just waste of money buying two tires when you need only one. Hopefully this idea to sell tire set will change in future for other customer requiring only one tire.

New tyres and barrings


I have just replaced my tyres and barrings for the first time on my five year old Urban Jungle Buggy I love this pram and I have used it everyday since I bought it! Now using it for baby number two. Hope I get five years out of these tyres!

Tire set for rear


Arrived quickly! Easy to put new tires on, however no instructions were included I had to go online to figure out what to do.

So far so good


Prompt delivery saw our stroller repaired and back in service with minimal delay...no problems with tire and tube set as uet!

Great reliable tires


Recently replaced the old wheels I had on the buggy do some time, so glad I did the buggy just glides with the new tires



They arrived promptly and were so easy to change! Feels like I have a new pram

a very good buy


a much needed product didnt take long for this to arrve

Poor quality


Bought a pair for the back wheels, they only last few months.

tires fit :)


Tires fit my older mounting buggy urban double, and work well. the only thing the style has changed so they don't look like my older pair (which were also a replacement from a couple years ago.) the older ones seem to have better traction for all terrain. On the certain point of installation we thought they are too big, but when finished they turned out just fine.



After 15 months of very rugged use we split the tyre. Great quick service from mountain buggy and a brand new tyre on the buggy. Happy parents again!

Got the spares I needed


Perfect had the parts for my Oran I needed in stock and quick delivery

Great service


Bought a new set of tyres, order arrived on the doorstep the next morning. Swapped tyres over no problem, great service and hassle free to buy online. Good description and pictures, knew exactly what I was buying



Easy to install tyre & tube. Looks strong. Happy with price too, good value.

Expensive and almost impossible to fit


Having fitted billions of tyres in my day (cyclist) one would expect to be able to fit these without too much trouble, not so the beading is incredibly stiff and almost impossible to fit.

cheaply made tires


after only one year we need to replace two tires that have tears as big as 30cm.
Although cheaply made, expensive to buy.

What I expected


The tire set was exactly what I expected it to be. It was a little difficult to get the tires on my buggy (older model) but once they were on they have worked really well.

Mountain buggy repair.. All fitted as advertised


I bought the repair kit for the Mountain Buggy, bearings and tires,
The buggy is as good as new. All parts arrived within 2 days.

Not been able to use


We haven't been able to get the previous tyres or wheels off to be able to put these ones on and my request for advice about how to remove the wheels in the comments section when i purchased them has gone unanswered so as yet these are competely useless to us.

Very pleased these are still in stock


I bought this item for an older model and am very happy Mountain Buggy has not discontinued the 12" wheel.
Air tires are prone to becoming flat but the comfort in pushing (and for the possibly sleeping baby/babies) is worth it.

Spare parts for Mountain Buggies


After ten years of solid use our Mountain Buggy suffered a blowout in one of the rear tyres and I decided to replace both at the same time - being an older model, the rim size was different to the current models but MB website had it covered and I ordered tyres and tubes just to make sure.
The goods arrived by express post within a few days of ordering and the online prompts kept me informed as to the progress of my order.
Great service all round and would definitely recommend this site to all MB users requiring spare parts

One duff inner tube


One of the two inner tubes inflated with a bulge in it. Still works but not great. Not sure if that was my fault after I'd put in puncture gel...although never had that problem before.

Great - no issues


Tyres were as described and arrived quickly! No problems.



I got all four tires set. But 2 of them are loosing air pressure. Even I tightened them .

Worked well


Easy to fit to our older buggy, good quality tyres and inner tubes and fast delivery

Great price


We love our urban mountain buggy and even though it is 8 years old it still works extremely well for our family of 5. We did need to replace the tires and found the price very reasonable. But don't forget to also purchase the inner tubes as you will need those as well if you buy replacement tires.

Mountain Buggy -12" tire set


I ordered this for my daughter and son-in-law. It was back ordered when I ordered and as soon as it came in it was sent. They have not installed them on their stroller, yet.

Over priced rubbish


Very expensive for what they are, I wouldn't mind if they were any good but they are made from very soft rubber wear out very fast

12" tyre set


Purchased the tyre set (tyres and tubes) to replace old tyre with hole. The tubes are narrower than the original ones and don't inflate the tyres properly, this makes steering the prams more difficult.

Not stoked


I'm not sure that you want me to write a review! The stroller is great but the wheels are awful! Just replaced one and need to again already. So frustrating!!!!! would warn anyone wanting to buy one that the wheels are horrible quality and need to be replaced constantly !

Great quality products


Tires, bearings, inner tubes & break covers all arrived quickly and make the stroller look & feel brand again. All quality products! Thanks Mountain Buggy Team!

Tyres seem fine but not same tyres as Older ones


Tyres arrived quickly and appeared to be fine. Only issue was they didn't match the other tyre from my 2010 model Urban jungle (slightly smaller and different tread pattern). They do Fit of course and are completely compatible but just don't look the same. These tyres do match the newer models with the 'X' tread pattern. I Suggest of you have an older model you get a set of 3 so they are all the same.

Very sporty


I've got a second hand twin urban and these look great on it. The white stripe is very cool and makes it look super sporty.

Better than expected


Was weary about buying these due to other reviews. But haven't had any problems like other reviewers. Was quite tricky to get the old tires off but am happy now they are changed.

Verdict is obviously still out on how long they last as ive only had them on for approx a month.

Replacement tyres


Prompt delivery, fit perfectly and easy to put on. Will give my buggy a new lease of life, and no excuses for me not to get back out there walking and running.

Good delivery, poor product


The service and delivery was top notch but I am still disappointed I had to purchase a new set of tires after only a year and a half. These are poor quality and I will not be surprised if I end up having to buy some more sooner rather than later.

Fast delivery


Great speedy service to get our buggy back on the road! Thanks



These tyres are expensive for what they are. The postage was added on top and they still took 10 days to arrive - even if they were shipped from the US, I would expect them to have arrived more quickly for paid postage. The last set lasted 18 months which doesn't seem like great wear.

Just not a rugged as the originals..


I've also bought a set and one of the tyres has split down the side and no, i didn't over inflate the tyre..

Not impressed


We have bought both an urban jungle and a duo and on both prams tires have split at the seams. Prams used within their weight capacity so can only assume it comes down to poor quality

Poor quality tyres


We use the buggy on wooded terrain, and the tyre walls are very weak and break too easily for a product that is called "mountain" buggy implying an off-road capabilities.


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