Two kids, one buggy!

When we found out we were having another baby, due when my eldest daughter would be 2 1/2,we figured we should start looking at what double buggies were available. This was to be an important purchase as I like to get out for lots of walks, and Ella (my big girl) wasn't quite up for walking as far as her mummy - or as fast!

Just as we began our search Mountain Buggy released the +one and it seemed to cover just what we were after - and here's why:

1 . Baby could lie flat and if she was awake she could up at me, plus the cocoon (included with the buggy) meant she could easily moved inside and stay asleep

2 . I didn't really want a wide double buggy! That left me with the option to have one child sat behind the other, with the +one both children are able to have a good view (instead of some buggies where the little one seems to have a view of the back of the seat in front and above them)

3. Sturdy enough to cope with a lot of different terrain and a lot of walking -  apparently I'm not the gentlest person! My husband cringes at how roughly I bump over kerbs, but the buggy has coped admirably!

With a few small improvements the +one could be perfect. For instance my baby was very long (I'm almost 6 foot so I shouldn't be surprised!) but she grew too long for the cocoon by the time she was 4 months old, although I did squish her in there until she was 6 months old a bit more room wouldn't have gone a miss. I would also like to see the seats to have more of a recline so bubba could lie flat once out of the cocoon but on the whole I love my Mountain buggy.

I kept our old single buggy thinking I might use it when I'm out with just one of the girls, but I haven't used it once! While we mainly use the +one on easy walks around our home in Lower Hutt, we regularly go on forest walks too. We've even taken the +one on a road trip around the south island and on many camping trips. It's mainly used as a single buggy now that Ella is coming up 4, however Ella is still happy to sit in the back seat when we go on longer walks. When I use the buggy with just Abby in it, the back space is great for extra storage!  Recently my husband put an odometer on our buggy and we've done over 1000km - not bad! And we plan on using it for a long while yet!

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