On the Move with Mountain Buggy mini

Choosing the right stroller for you and your baby is not easy... there are so many options out there today. I know I have a little check list that must be met for me to even consider a stroller. Things like width, manoeuvrability, how easy it folds, weight, versatility and durability. It needs to work for us in town and in the park, and for both my baby and/or my toddler. Most of all, it needs to last. 

I've had bad strollers - the one's where wheels won't roll on tile floors (they just slide), and if you hit a rock your wheels spin and you get stuck. The one's that take two people to lift it up a step or two or over the curb. I've been there, I've been disappointed. But not this time. The Mountain Buggy mini  has managed to tick all my boxes, and look good doing it!


Lets talk specifics:

The MB mini only weighs 17.5lbs (8kg), my 8 month old weight more than that! Loading and unloading it from the back of my vehicle is easy to do one handed, and I'm always one handed, so that's important. 

Opening and closing it is equally as easy. I love the "folding latch", so simple and quick. The way the frame automatically locks in place once folded is just intuitive. It save you the extra step of locking it - which I would often forget to do until I'd lift it and it would open again. 

It has 10" aerotech tires, which handle walking through a bumpy field as good as walking down the sidewalk. They provide a smooth ride, and they roll well - if you've ever had a stroller with bad tempered wheels then you'll understand the significance of this! And the curb pop! This stroller was made for curb popping around the city. I can do it one handed, the MB mini is the only stroller I've been able to do that with. Only 15lbs (6.5kg)of force is needed to do it, none of that awkward tilt and lift here!


The brakes on the MB mini are strong, and super easy to use too. I can do them in my flip-flops and in heels. No fiddling, no "I thought I had them in the groove" as the stroller starts to roll away. They are simple to use and very effective. When the brake lever is down, the stroller isn't moving. Great for piece of mind. 

The handlebar is very comfortable, straight in the middle (great for one handed pushing), and angled at the ends for two handed pushing. The angle is precisely that of when your hands are holding something but in a relaxed state. Saving your wrists from undue pressure during longer walking periods. The only thing I occasionally miss is a cub holder/tray. For the most part the mesh toy tray on the bottom works perfectly for us. It can hold more than I originally thought!


The seat can fully recline to flat position, great for newborns and older kids who want a nap. The seat recline is very easy to use. There are two straps that control the seat recline and they adjust quickly and smoothly. Although, getting them both to the same length while your child is in it can be tricky. One thing I really do like about the fully reclined position is the roll-away fabric cover that reveals a mesh panel allowing for better ventilation. 

The sun shade... oh the sun shade! Hands down my favourite feature. I think the extendable sun shade is genius. Previous strollers I've owned have always had this little problem of the sun shade only being useful during mid day when the sun was right above us. But in the morning or evenings the sun would peel beneath the shade and nearly blind the poo kids sitting in the stroller. The extendable sun shade on the MB mini takes care of that, and the best part? It's a mash! So the kids can still see out! It also has a great peek-a-boo flap, great for stealing a quick look at your baby. 


The MB mini is by far the smallest, flatest, best "fitting-in-my-trunk" stroller we've ever had. At only 13" (33cm) not only does it fit in your truck, but it doesn't take up all the space in there either! I was forever moving our other stroller form the back of the van to the garage and back again. When it was in there, it left little room for anything else. I can't count how many times we've been out and forgotten to put the stroller back into the van. Very frustrating. The MB mini is small enough and flat enough that we NEVER take it out - unless of course we're using it. But it otherwise stays in the back of our van awaiting it's next adventure. 


I love the MB mini and my kids love it too. It fits our everyday needs, from a walk around town, to the mall, to the park and the soccer fields. It handles it all with class and style. 


By  Mom vs. The Boys