What an exciting day!

Today I took delivery of my new Mountain Buggy terrain and I am just so excited! I feel like a child who has woken up on their birthday morning with a huge sense of anticipation at the big brown box in the middle of the room and an uncontrollable desire to lose control and simply rip open the box without a care in the world!


I do however make the very adult decision of waiting until both children are fast asleep in bed, so that I can give my new buggy the undivided attention it deserves and not have to worry about any interruptions or disturbances.


As I carefully open the box and remove the contents, I am not sure who is getting more excited, my husband or me. “Hurry up,” he says as I savour that new smell and stop to appreciate that never again ‘will it look so clean and shiny’ feel!  We start to have the age-old debate over whether to read the instructions or simply plough in - we compromise as he assembles and I read. It really was very easy to put together, and soon the latest addition to our family is stood proudly in the kitchen.

As I look on in wonder at my new buggy, I am amazed at the sheer quality of workmanship that has gone into creating the Mountain Buggy terrain, and I am almost tempted to wake the children so that I can take it for a spin around the block and really test it out!

With so many cool features that I have not experienced in the past, I really don’t know which one to talk about first. Should it be; the fantastic shock absorbing suspension, which will be a welcome addition for my son Joshua, or should it be the brilliant hand operated brake, which is ideal when jogging. Standing in the kitchen on our first night together, I am honestly wondering why it has taken me so long to convert!

With various school, nursery and work commitments, it is another couple of days before I am able to get outside and test the terrain, but that doesn’t stop it having pride of place in the lounge. The kids have a great time playing with it, and of course all our visitors really can’t miss seeing it and having the grand tour.

With the arrival of the weekend and a superb day here in Bournemouth, we head to the beach. Collapsing the terrain so it fitted in the car was quick and easy and assembling it at the other end was just as effortless. With Joshua taking pride of place in the buggy, we set off along the promenade.

What a dream it is to push along the tarmac; so light and requiring no effort at all. It is very responsive and sensitive to even the slightest movement of your hand and to test this further, I even tried the ‘one handed’ approach, which in the past could have led to disaster. The terrain simply took this in its stride as if this is what it had been made for.

The adjustable handlebars are ideal for when my husband and I took turns to try out the new terrain. It makes for such a comfortable push regardless of your height and preferred hand position. Joshua loved sitting up so high and taking in the coastal sights. I may have been imagining it, but I am sure the buggy was getting some serious attention from other pushchair users, either that or a gull had pooped on me!

So, for the ultimate test we headed onto the sand and down towards the water front. All I can say is that with the large 16 inch back wheels, the terrain glided over the sand like a graceful swan on the water. I must have made it look easy as a pregnant lady came over to ask what make of buggy I was using, as she had never seen a buggy do that before. With my enthusiasm in full flow I showed her all the key features of the terrain. I am pretty sure I converted her and with this, my new mission has emerged – to convert one buggy user or potential purchaser at a time!

Bring on the next outing...