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how to keep your entire family active

By Meredith Carder, Owner & Instructor of Baby Boot Camp Chandler (South) & Gilbert (South), AZ 

Life is busy these days. Jobs, kids, and social obligations are all being juggled constantly. Keeping your family active can seem like just another chore. Something you know you should do doesn’t always make the cut. The time and effort it takes to create an active family, however, pays off in many ways. Here are a few tips to keep everyone moving, happy, and healthy.


my favorite workout

By Jessica Cohen, Owner & Instructor of Baby Boot Camp Encino (east), Sherman Oaks & Studio City, CA

My Mountain Buggy Terrain has become my most important piece of exercise equipment.  Because of my Terrain, I am able to safely and effectively work out with my baby.  I do everything with my daughter, and working out with her is no different.  Here are some of the ways we workout with our Mountain Buggy

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