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Marcus Wild and partner Sarah

My name is Marcus Wild. I live in Raumati South, New Zealand with my beautiful wife Sarah and lovable Labrador Poppy. I am a Video Channel Manager at Xero and very recently found out my wife is expecting... twins!

I'm going to share my experiences becoming a first time father, all the ups (and downs!) of our journey towards becoming parents and the roller-coaster adventure once they arrive. 

Marcus will be using a duet once the babies arrive. 

Double birth

Birth is nothing like they depict in the movies and TV shows, as much as that sounds obvious and something we all know, it is worth reminding yourself in the last days and hours before your baby or babies arrive. 

Please remember, this is my birth story - not Sarah's and also not one of those horrible stories you simply should not read before your birth. Birth for a father is a life changing experience and not just because you end up holding a bundle of joy and life long commitment :) This blog is a bit photo bare, this is due to me not wanting to share some of the moments that are special to just us. I hope you understand. 

Anti-natural class

This is not a typo - not this time. But the first time it was... or perhaps Apple had nailed the auto correction on the iPhone this time and had it right? 

Rewinding a little here, we had signed up for our local (correctly spelt) antenatal classes. I know it seems that there is a recurring theme in my blogs of me having no idea of what I'm doing, and I'm sure I still don't, but I promise our twins will be quite safe - Sarah knows what she is doing. 

Shopping and Showers

I know that shopping and showers isn't your normal mix - unless you are doing up your bathroom, and let's face it, if you have a baby on the way, that is the last thing on your mind! But this mix is one of the most important for a parent to be. 

Realising you know nothing...

Once the initial excitement of finding out we were having twins subsided I was left with a sudden sinking feeling. It first started as we drove home from our three month scan - questions swirling in my head like 'will we need a bigger car?' 'how will we know what car seat to put in?' 'how will they both fit inside Sarah for that long?', and the all important recurring question 'will I be a good father?'

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