Mountain Buggy LOVE - wheel care and maintenance tips for your buggy

Mounting Buggy began over 20 years ago when a new father decided he wanted a buggy with all terrain agility. He needed a buggy that would enable him to take his baby on mountain trails, and so with some kiwi ingenuity and precision engineering he crafted the foundations of Mountain Buggy’s legendary platform. Today our engineers work off that very same platform.

Mountain buggies our built to last but like any piece of equipment with moving parts they need some love and care. To ensure your buggy lives a long and happy life check out our maintenance tips below. 



MB wheels - Wheels are a very important component to your buggy, and we take them pretty seriously! BUT we don't specialise in manufacturing tyres and inner tubes. Therefore we order standard tyres & tubes in different shapes and sizes to put on our rims.

Rubber outer tyres will often state a different PSI to what is ideal. The outer tyres we have on our buggies sometimes have a reading of 35PSI, however our buggy rims can't take that much pressure! Mountain Buggies push best at 20*PSI. Please note that inflating more than 20PSI could result in your wheel rims cracking. 

To ensure your rims don't crack only use hand operated tyre pumps for your buggy. NEVER use compressed air to pump your tyres.

*(PSI is an acronym that stands for per square inch. This is commonly used in measurements of things like tyre pressure. The PSI in tire pressure tells you how much you need to inflate your tyres.)

If your Mountain buggy keeps getting flat tyres -

  • Check your inner tube is sitting on the rim correctly (not pinching or bulging).
  • Check your rim isn’t damaged in any way, if it’s warped or jagged it will puncture your inner tube and if that’s the case it’s time for a new wheel!
  • If you're constantly replacing your inner tubes and you've checked your rim, your tube arrangement, your tyre pressure and everything seems ok, then it could be done to something piercing your tyres. Many of our Australian customers suffer with three corner jacks or doublegee - thorns. These are usually found in temperate climates. These spiky little burs always spike upwards and can wreak havoc on any tyres. If you one of the unfortunate few who have these in your area fear not, you can get some tyre slime from your local bike to put in between your tyre to protect your inner tubes!

MB care - Mountain Buggies are exposed to all sorts of elements so giving them good a clean down after any off road adventures will do them good. For instance if you take your buggy to the seaside it's best to make sure all the sand and seawater is rinsed off. Seawater may corrode your bearings and grit could hinder the proper function of your wheels.

Should your buggy ever need new parts you can order parts from our global webshop  and get back to living a life without limit - fast !



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