What happens in Vegas, nano's in Vegas (part 1 of 2)

When my best friend invited me to be her bridesmaid, and my 21-month old daughter Camillia as her flower girl, there were bursts of excitement! Not only will we be seeing each other again after several years (in none other than Vegas), but it was also the perfect excuse to tell Hubby that I needed that NEW travel stroller - the one that I've been eyeing since it was first revealed in last year's Baby expo!

Sure enough, I welcomed the Mountain Buggy nano  stroller into our New Jersey home with glee! Who wouldn't be delighted? It was sooo cute and compact!

Fast forward to our week-long Vegas trip with Hubby, Camillia and I...

Rizza family


We strolled from Mandalay Bay to Circus Circus, which was AT LEAST 3.3 miles of a walk, not including getting lost! We did this same stroll two more times in the next few days. 

 Considering that I stand 5'5" and Hubby stands 6'6" tall, nano has actually smoothly maneuvered for both of us, all with a one handed push and normal strides!  

 Cami also had her afternoon naps with nano in comfortable recline, nicely shaded by its sun canopy. nano kept my medium sized diaper bag (FILLED with diapers, wipes, change of clothes,  sweater, snacks, a blankie, sippies, water bottles and more essentials) in the ample storage space space underneath. On busy  airplanes, hurried train changes and crazy bus stops, nano  quickly  flicked open and closed for us, stayed compact, light and CUTE as needed.

blog 3
blog 2

 I can surely say that nano is living up to stroll smoothly, to be carried conveniently and to function meaningfully.


So what happened in Vegas?!? ... (To be continued) 



Written by: Rizza Huetter

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