FitMummies in Paris

FitMummies in Paris.
My sister of 360Fit ( ) and Myself ( ) were in Paris with our little ones, Mine two and a half, hers 8.

We brought my Mountain Buggy Terrain with us......... Now if you know Paris, It is a city of underground tube stations, not perfectly catering for Mums and Buggies we soon learnt!
So two FitMummies (Emily a fitness, yoga trainer in the UK) really had a workout (unplanned) we spent the whole weekend lifting, carrying, carting my buggy up and down the stairs of the tube
stations, there were on occasions elevators Hooray!
I look back and think, great, at one stage I turned to Emily and said, thank goodness we are both Trainers hey, my biceps were burning :-)!
It was a weekend of fun and laughter, and I used my Mountain Buggy from ( ) to push my son around the city of Paris, he was in his element.
Mummies, you don't always need to do a specific "Workout". Emily and I did a training session in the local playground on the mornings of our trip, the four of us went down in the morning, the children played
we worked out, using what was available to us in the playground, not a sinner there, (too early for most) and away we went, a win win! our children had a big play, we played with them, but also did a workout.
Wait and see our video workout in a Paris playground!
I exercise and run and train where and when I can, and its not always in the perfect location, Mummies get out there, life is for living.
Check out my videos, taken on my local beach, a quick run while my son slept, giving my two crazy jack russell dogs a run too..........



Train where and when you can mummies, become a FitMummy too!

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