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Living in the picturesque Lake Macquarie region in NSW Australia, Mel is a stay-at-home mum to four very busy boys!
 Mel’s family is a true Mountain Buggy family, having owned several models from the Mountain Buggy collection: 3 x urban, an urban double, a breeze, a swift, a duo and new model terrain! As one of the first owners of the Mountain Buggy duet and a freerider in tow, Mel shares life’s experiences as a true Mountain Buggy champion.

Mountain Buggy duet

Mountain Buggy duet and joey

Here I was lamenting the possibility of giving up my duet. Quinn is at preschool now and is starting school next year so the Mountain Buggy duet was being used less and less. I was really not looking forward to giving it up, so when I stumbled across a tweet about joey, I literally jumped up and down in excitement. This was it! This was exactly what I needed, especially as a non-driver the extra storage space is essential. I loved the flexibility of being able to put the second seat back on if I am spending a full day out that requires another seat. It really is a win/win!

duet at the beach!

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside! What a strange summer we are having here in NSW Australia. The weather has been far from “normal”. Hot this year has been 30 degrees Celsius compared to last year's 43, and the days hitting 30 have been few and far between with most days sitting in the early to mid 20’s.

Mountain Buggy Duet at the beach

Fathers day 2011

The weather was amazing, so off we headed to the historic grounds of Morisset Hospital campus, known for it’s friendly, wild kangaroos. I was a little worried about getting the Mountain Buggy duet in the boot, but I needn’t have been concerned it went in like it was made for it.


The duet arrives!

Introducing the very lovely Mel and her family, as they they embark on a Mountain Buggy journey with their latest arrival the Mountain Buggy duet!
Close at hand, we get an insight of the little duet's thoughts as he starts a new life with his new family!

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