Sarah FitzPatrick

Being a marathon running mom

Mountain Buggy terrain pilot

Sarah Marie FitzPatrick, mother of one

New York, USA


I’ve been running with my Mountain Buggy  terrain  for just over a year now and I have to say, this one piece of equipment has made my life infinitely better.


Running has been my therapy for years, and if you’re like me, you know how something so simple as a run can make your whole day better. Although my life has changed as my little one has grown, the terrain has grown with us, and each day it adds to our lives.


When Daniel was a newborn, my runs were to get outside and to help slowly build back my strength. I went from walking at 6 weeks (doctor approved), to training for the NYC Marathon- running it only 7 months after giving birth. The ride was so comfortable that he would sleep the whole time. I did upwards of 20 mile runs with this stroller; with its super smooth ride, he snoozed peacefully through these long runs. Although he was wide-awake when we got done, I was the one who needed the nap!


As he grew older and more alert, he now loves our runs for a different reason. Instead of naps, he sits right up and points out the birds and the dogs and talks his baby gibberish to passerby’s. Getting outside is our favorite thing to do, and it’s become so easy with the stroller.


I now run my own business and my days are jam packed with being a full-time mom, a full-time entrepreneur and wanting to do it all!. I am constantly, literally, running errands. I love that the terrain has both a large bottom basket and smaller pockets in all different spots. I’ll run to the post office, and then go grocery shopping- there’s always things stuffed in every pocket, and I know that the baby toys will never fall into the butcher shop bag.


I recommend this stroller to every single person who asks me about it! And as a super busy mom, every time I go out for a run with it, even though I’m usually doing a bagillion things at the same time, I feel like it’s the only time I’m doing something for myself. 



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