Every step counts

Qualified PT & boot camp instructor

Adele Knight, Mother of one 

Brisbane, Australia 

I've always loved exploring the outdoors but how do you incorporate a new born baby into the mix? How do you keep them happy, safe and warm whilst getting some much needed fresh air? You get a Mountain Buggy terrain that's how!

Finding motivation, time and just energy alone can be tough being a first time mother but with the light weight, easy to assemble MB terrain you’re up and ready to go in minutes. I've found a baby bag at the front door next to the keys is essential - packed with a few nappies, change of clothes and wipes, and you’re easily off on an adventure. 

In less than four months we have progressed from walks, to jogging and now running. We have raced in multiple events ranging from 5km to 10km in length whilst fundraising for charities and it's only getting better. In 2016 we had multiple half marathons planned and thanks to the terrain , training for these was a lot smoother.

Our family is filled with fitness so when we're not running we are with my husband participating in his boot camps whilst Baby Marcus relaxes in the terrain taking in all of the nature surrounding him.

We go from boot camps to out running to food shopping and all that is achieved using this one pram with all of its handy compartments. It's not just 'a pram' it's a part of the family.

When busy days present themselves and the housework is calling I always make time for at least an hour to get outside and exercise. It's a win for Mum getting fresh air, exercise, strength and reflection PLUS baby gets to take in new exciting moments of the world.

House work can seriously wait, make memories that'll last a lifetime simply by getting outdoors, breathing that fresh air and exploring what's around you!




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