How to workout with a baby on the move

Mountain Buggy Active Ambassador 

Revie Jane, mother of one

Gold Coast, Australia


I thought I had a few more months up my sleeve before my daughter was on the move, but when she hit 7 months, she was off; crawling around. Two things became evident, my life was about to change even more dramatically and my floor is filthy! This made things like going to the toilet or ducking outside to get the washing off the line much more challenging, as by the time I got back to her (whether it was 3 seconds or 5 minutes) she would be nowhere to be seen. I realised that my life would be ever changing and evolving with a bubba but it’s kept me on my toes more than I could have ever imagined. Then, there is training. Oh yes, I realised, long gone are the days where I popped my little miss on the mat beside me while I got my 20 minutes of workout time done. So each day, here are my go- to’s on how to workout with a baby on the move.


Method 1

Building a Prince(ss) Castle

Yep, by ‘building a castle’ I mean barricading your beloved baby so that he/she does not escape. I use couch pillows, nappy boxes and washing baskets. Lexi thinks we are building a fort and she's the princess of the castle while I am jumping around like a mad woman fitting in my workout. She is usually equipped with a rusk, a water bottle and her fav toy of the week but I think she merely entertained by her red faced, bouncing, huffing and puffing mummy. If this fails revert to Method 2. TIP: Do NOT make eye contact with said prince or princess, this will end in workout being over. Just keep doing your burpees and he/she will be distracted!


Method 2

Incorporating Baby into the Workout

If you’re into kettlebell training, our little tackers are kind of perfect! I’ve shared many workouts on my instagram of me working out with Lexi and you can hear squeal and laugh, as she has the best time with it. It’s such a win- win because they have so much fun, you get cuddles and quality time with them. And if they start crawling away from you, incorporate that into your workout- Bear crawls are tough and great for building upper body strength!


Method 3

Utilising Naps Times to get Sweaty

Lex is having a great big nap during the middle of the day, I use this as an opportunity to workout baby free. So before winding her down and getting her ready for her nap, I change into my workout gear, I set my mat up along with weights, while Lex is still up and playing. Then that way, when I’ve popped her down, everything is all set and I'm ready to start warming up. This also gives me a mental boost and endorphin high to tackle the rest of my “While-Lexi-is-asleep To Do List!”


Between these three methods I try to workout between 12-40 minutes, atleast 4 times per week. Like anything, we had to start small and build up to this. Especially with Lexi being so excited to crawl and explore. I started with 12 minutes, progressed to 15 minutes, then 20 minutes etc. I always make sure we get to have a big play at the end, whether she helps me with a core finisher or I follow her by crawling behind her. That way she knows there is “mummy’s time” and then “Lexi’s time” and we are both happy by the end of our workout.


Good luck mama bears, I hope this motivates you, let’s you know that it is possible with some persistence and that you can pick up a tip or two from this post.


Revie Jane and Lexi Lou xo