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urban jungle and terrain sun cover

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Custom fit sun cover for your urban jungle or terrain buggy.

Not currently available in this region.

stand out features:  

  • protects from bugs and sun 
  • UV filtering mesh material
  • durable and hard wearing, yet lightweight 
  • tidy zip attachment to front of sunhood
  • easy to access child with zip open & roll up frontage
  • compatible with current model (late 2009 onwards) urban jungle and terrain buggies only

No UV protection info!?


This looks great, but you give no indication of the UV protection offered by this? ? Shade a babe covers for example state 99% UV protection



Hi Sarah. Thanks for your enquiry, above. Happily I can confirm that most newer accessories will fit your elite. 2010 range sunhoods however have been significantlyupgraded, meaning that you'll need to purchase a pre 2010 cover. They'll shortly be available through this e-shop, but are otherwise available through retailers. Thanks and regards, MB.



Bought an Urban Elite buggy a couple of years ago because of reputation and after-sales support only to discover after just 2 yrs we can't get any accessories for our model. Is this true?

SPF rating?


As per a previous review, I am also interested in the sun protection rating of this cover. Can you please confirm? I have the cover and it is great but I am not sure how much protection my baby is getting so I tend to through a muslin over the top as well, which pretty much defeats the purpose of having the cover!


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