duet carrycot plus

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stand out features:

  • one base, two fabric sets, three parent facing options
  • easily switch fabrics from lie flat to parent facing seat
  • newborn to 15kg / 33lbs (more stand out features below)

*NB if intending to use two carrycot plus please order the additional  duet left clip  (free of charge)

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199,00 Available now. Order today
199,00 Available now. Order today
199,00 Available now. Order today
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199,00 Available now. Order today

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Offering versatility and parent facing longevity all in one key accessory, carrycot plus delivers innovation at its best. With three parent facing seat solutions from newborn to 3 years, including; a lie-flat mode, an incline mode for babies with reflux and a parent facing seat mode which holds up to 15kgs / 33lbs.

more stand out features:

  • compatible with the Mountain Buggy carrycot stand
  • compatible with duets manufactured from 2012 onwards

what's in the box:

  • carrycot frame set (includes frame, base and struts)
  • carrycot outer fabric
  • aerated carrycot mattress
  • carrycot reversible coloured lid and hood
  • carrycot clips (right and middle)*

*NB if intending to use two carrycot plus please order the additional duet left clip (free of charge)

** This carrycot is also compatible with 2014-2016 versions of the duet.

Tech specs

  • maximum load:
    • lie flat - 9kgs / 20lbs
    • parent facing seat - 15kgs / 33lbs
  • plenty of growth room - 80 x 30 x 22cm / 31 x 11 x 8.6"
  • age range - newborn to 3 years
  • carrycot weight - 4kg / 8.8lbs
  • safety certified
  • mountain buggy adaptable Duet Carrycot Plus storm cover

    storm cover for duet carrycot plus

    fits 2014+ duet carrycots
  • NEW! DUET_sun cover_ghosted_1200x1200

    duet single mesh cover

  • NEW! duet_singlestormcovers_1200x1200

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  • mountain buggy tool kit closed bag

    maintenance kit

    for buggy and air filled tires
  • 3 styles available! cosmopolitan GEO with blanket_on_stroller

    mountain buggy blanket

  • mountain buggy duet carrycot plus fitted with suncover

    mesh cover for duet carrycot plus

    fits 2015+ duet carrycot plus

It could have been done better


Dont like that it doesnt recline...and the worst thing is a hood... It is so small that doesnt cover anythingand doesnt attach to a carrycot well, i sewed and additional part to it to keep on a place while openning or closing. Another thing is the lack of UV protection. The hood of buggy does have it, but carrycot doesnt... Why???)
Why you just dont do a bugaboo style carrycots? It is much easier to change from 0-6 to 6+ and it can recline.
Anyway, at least it gives you a chance to see your baby... I wish the stroller could have a revesrsable handle, thus would be no need for additional carrycots

Regret buying for twins


I bought this for my twins and overall I regret the entire stroller purchase. First of all ordering the parts is not straight forward, as I purchased the wrong materials multiple times (if you want two of these for twins you need two left clips and have to place separately in the cart). Secondly, the assembly of the stroller and carrycots is very difficult - you have to really stretch the material to get it to fit. Thirdly, the hoods/ canopys will not stay open...I've had to use duct tape to get them to stay in place , after spending a lot on this stroller I expect the hoods to work. Hoping for better luck when we are done with the carrycots.

Wonderful for my newborn


I bought this to go with my Duet for my newborn son, he was born 5 weeks premature and is quite small. The carrycot as a bassinet is wonderful, it is fairly slim but this makes it nice and cosy! My son sleeps amazing well in it while we are out for walks and even when we go out to eat etc. I am so happy that it converts into a parent facing seat, and I don't like the idea not being able to see him until he is closer to one year of age. I am so happy I purchased this!

Not thought through


Like all mountain buggy stuff, I found the instructions left a lot to be desired. Once complete the big issue is the flimsiness of the hood, which I find is almost impossible to keep up and attached to the cot simultaneously. Also, the rain sheet does not appear to fit in this configuration.

Perfect for our twins


We bought the duet buggy for our twins and the carrycots gave us the option to have them side by side. No other cot would have fitted our doorways.
The carrycots are slim but for our 5lb babies they are massive!
Great quality. Very happy.

Not worth the money


I don't often feel compelled to review, but this product has really disappointed. I was expecting much better quality for the high price that is charged.

- Nice colour
- good amount of insulation
- good delivery

- Assembly was frustrating, to say the least. The included instructions were useless and poorly printed. Online videos helped
- The blue hood and cot cover are not attached in any substantial way. Would personally have preferred zip or popper to the velcro/elastic
- The biggest annoyance for me is that there is no way to switch easily between the incline and flat setup without having to take the whole cot apart

Overall, I had higher hopes for this product and I don't feel it delivered. My advice would be to avoid unless you feel is absolutely necessary.

Carrycot plus for duet


I bought this in year of the rooster for my new baby and to match her sisters parent facing seat on the duet and love it, my baby is so content and loves been in the carrycot.


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