Active Mum Finds Freedom Pt.1

For me, buying a buggy was like buying a car or a bike: I needed one that suited my needs of living an active outdoor-lifestyle. For example, if you're a keen skier you generally need a car that has 4WD; if you're a mountain biker you need a mountain bike vs. if you're a triathlete you generally need a time trial bike (okay, let's be honest, there's a few needs there that should be replaced with wants, but you get the idea). 

If you're a new Mum who loves to run, you most definitely need a buggy you can run with. As keen endurance athletes (amateur athletes that is) who love to travel prior to all these baby shenanigans, it was no surprise that getting a buggy that would enable my husband (Mark) and I to keep our active-travelling lifestyle - with baby in tow - was a top priority. 

Last day at work, feet up

Now I did my research on all things pram / buggy / pusher / stroller / jogger etc. and I had all sorts of recommendations from family and friends, which were greatly received. One family member strongly recommended we go with a pram that could be adjusted to attach baby number two when the time came... Ease on Grandma, we'll get there. Grandma did however have a good point, an economical point, but what she didn't have was a PHD in me!

Sport plays a fundamental part in our life and having had a recent addiction to the Ironman distance triathlon, it came as no surprise that the next challenge we were planning was an ultra-marathon. On the other side of the world. Now, I may be crazy but definitely not stupid, as I knew that planning an ultra-marathon (a running event longer than 42.2kms for those of you who aren't insane) for seven months after giving birth would be a big ask. Nonetheless, it was a challenge I loosely had on the radar and as I believed the Mountain Buggy terrain  was the best buggy on the market to help me achieve this, the terrain was my buggy of choice. 

First things first, however, was awaiting the arrival of our first child... 

Katie x

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