Born supremacy

Late last week we made a huge call out for product testers to challenge the unknown with our new terrain. And wow! The response has been overwhelming - we're totally blown away by all you die-hard Mountain Buggy fans!

Honestly though, our newest edition to the family is pretty awesome and just by looking at it, it defines all things terrain. Its unique sport enhancements and added special features are central to the design of the buggy, and it runs seamlessly with its urban cool appeal, eliciting a fundamental question from one of our marketing leaders: "Have we subconciously created a whole new sub-category in the nursery world? Have we created the new super-buggy?"

Judging by what's out there at the moment... maybe. It's been interesting to find out what our designers had set out to fulfill when they started this project. After all, there are already plenty of buggies out in market who claim they have the capability to handle all types of terrain, so what's Mountain Buggy's 'X' factor? As we discovered, there wasn't just one, but a good handful of 'X' factors that would easily allow Mountain Buggy's terrain to stake its claim as being the number 1 all terrain jogger, with its world class engineering and performance.


"For the terrain we were really conscious not to lose the core values of the original terrain and urban jungle. We wanted to add functionality we knew would be valuable to parents. We've built on the heritage of the old bulletproof terrain that our customers have loved for many years, amping up the equipment and style levels to meet the demands of a modern discerning customer!" says Andrew Mawson, head terrain designer, "In the same way mountain bikes have become great all-rounders, we saw an obvious hole in the market for a buggy that could bridge the gap between more urban focused products and more "full on" outdoor capability to hit the trails and to hit those trails hard!"


The rigorous testing that the engineers gave the terrain should tell you plenty about its superior quality and performance. For example, our engineers loaded more weight in the buggy on the Rolling Road test machine, and the terrain set an unprecedented standard by running nearly three times longer than the most stringent standard required. That's impressive.


And it's nice knowing that the design team's inspiration for the features of the buggy was actually parents like you who live life without limit - from its 16" rear wheels and hand activated brake to heavy duty suspension and ventilation panels. We know this buggy will be a cut above the rest. What do you think?

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