aerotech wheel bundle

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Set of 4 10" puncture-proof aerotech wheels for your duet stroller, including 2 front and 2 rear wheels.

*please note all tyres will need to be changed if using aerotech

*This wheel bundle is not compatible with the 2017+ duet - click here for that part


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stand out features:

  • aerotech: a unique hybrid blend of EVA and rubber
  • puncture-proof and low maintenance
  • lightweight
  • hollow inner, offering 'air' cushioning
  • fully assembled, ready to slide onto your buggy frame
  • 10" diameter
  • 2 front wheels and 2 rear wheels included in bundle
  • compatible with the duet stroller

*This wheel bundle is not compatible with the 2017+ duet.

  • mountain buggy tool kit closed bag

    mountain buggy maintenance kit

    for buggy and air filled tires
  • mountain buggy chocolate universal travel buggy bag to make travel easy

    universal travel bag

    for strollers and car seats
  • PT-PSPADS5__

    harness pads (pair)

  • mountain buggy travel bag which is ideal for storing all those essentials underneath your buggy

    carry-on storage bag

  • vstrap_harness_extension_strap

    mountain buggy harness extension strap

Great product!


Rides smoothly and easy to push a duet carriage!!!

Received a used item when I bought brand new!


I've been moderated so cannot comment regards shipping, packaging etc.... . But what I didn't expect. I bought what I assumed would be factory new wheels... But these had been used by a previous customer. How did I know? The customer had left their name and address and order number details in a note on the box. Very unusual company standards. No instructions either. All very strange.

Still easy to use off road


I bought these as my air tyres got a puncture. I was worried about purchasing the aerotech wheels because I wanted the pram to still stay easy to steer and use off road. Well I'm very happy and surprised that there's no difference. Instructions would be helpful- my partner haha



After constant pumping of tyres and time consuming puncture repairs we finally got these and love them. We've noticed no change in the way the buggy performs in terms of handling/bumpiness but no longer need to worry about getting a flat tyre on a long walk and constantly pumping or repairing tyres! A god send - I just wish we found them earlier!

No more puncture worries!


These wheels were really easy to fit and it's great knowing I don't have to worry about getting an annoying flat tyre. The customer service was brilliant, so helpful on the phone and processed my order quickly. Would highly recommend.

Worth it!!


These should be standard wheels when you buy the pram! Love them! And especially when I know I won't get caught out with a flat tyre! Get them! You won't regret it!

Aero wheel Upgrade


I upgraded our stroller to the Aero Wheels from the pneumatic. I wish I would have done this a long time ago!! No more "hard maneuvering" when the stroller is loaded down!! The ride difference is so slight, it is not an issue at all! I wish they would have come with these is my only regret.



I bought the wheels a few weeks ago, I'm so happy I did!

No worries of a puncture!


I brought these as we had been stuck a few times with punctures and we have just had the weekend away and they were great. Walked around Sydney with no worries in the world!

No regrets!


Bought this about a month ago and have 0 regrets on this! Initially was hesitate to change the old wheels of duet to this aerotech but I thought I gave it a go. I heard that the old wheels will go flat out if it's too heavy and mine was close to doing it as it was making a lot of squeaky noise(sign of not enuff air) so I decided to change them! My kids 4.5yo(15kg) &a son(18months) 11kg love seating on this and after changing the wheels I have ease now knowing it won't go busted! Thank you mountain buggy for new innovation!

Great wheels once you get them on


I bought the auto tech wheels as I continued to get punctures, and they have been fantastic ONCE I GOT THEM ON.
Getting the wheels on was quite difficult as my mountain buggy duet is a year old and had some rust... but even for a brand new buggy the pictures on the side of the box are not enough!!! Please create a video and a little more discription to your instructions!!! Thank you.

Goodbye to punctures!


Bought these wheels as was fed up of punctures in the ones that came with the buggy when new. They're great. They went on easily and have taken away the pre school run stress of punctures! Only negative would be that it is a slightly bumpier ride as they obviously don't bounce but nothing that would cause a problem.

Great product


I ordered these wheels as no longer wanted to keep pumping the tyres up! Within a couple of days after ordering they had arrived! Very impressed with delivery speed and love these wheels. Unsure why they don't come standard.



After a flat wheel disaster, I purchased a set of Aerotech wheels, so I now no longer need to worry about a repeat disaster! Fantastic product, five star delivery!

Great wheels but...


Good wheels, robust and I'm sure they'll last the duration for my Duet. It is however absolutely disgraceful that these wheels are not provided as standard - it's only a matter of time before you get a flat with the originals. In reality, you need to add the cost of these wheels onto the cost of the pram from the off, which makes the prams an altogether more expensive option.

Good design


I bought these because they are hassle free! No more pumping up tyres or deflating tyres that are about to blow. I use my buggy a lot, the aerotech wheels are the way to go! I highly recommend them, maybe this is what all buggys should have on them now.

Far too expensive, but unfortunately essential


We got a Mountain Buggy Duet second hand. Everything was fine, until we got a puncture. Then we read that these things are pretty puncture prone. After my wife had to drag a pram with two kids and a burst tyre for about 3 miles, we decided it wasn't worth risking so forked up for these non-burst tyres. Of course, we balked at the price tag (being half what we paid for the entire 2nd hand buggy with infant bassinet), but the risk outweighed the cost. It seems a bit rich to release a buggy with air-filled tyres and offer a more reliable alternative at such an extortionate price. Bit like buying a car where the doors could fall off any second, but for a third of the price of the whole car, you can buy doors that DEFINITELY won't fall off. What a deal!

And what are the wheels like? Much more sleekly designed than the originals, not as shock absorbing though so makes for a bumpier ride for our little ones. The manufacturing quality is decent, but not sure how Mountain Buggy can justify charging £120 for a load of plastic... I guess they know people like me will buy it because the alternative is potentially leaving your loved ones in the lurch.

Really disappointing


I bought these wheels after we got a puncture in one of the tyres supplied with our Mountain Buggy duet. The inner tubes for the inflatable tyres were out of stock for 2-3 weeks and we could not go that long without a pushchair for our 4 month old twins. After reading all the reviews which said the Un-puncturable tyres were excellent but over priced and should be supplied with the pushchair as the tyres puncture all the time, we decided to spend £120.00 on the wheels to save us having to constantly have to replace inner tubes.
They were easy to fit and made the buggy lighter to get in and out of the car, BUT they are useless on the beach which is where we spend most of our time walking our dogs. We don't go on fine sandy beaches we go to beaches where the sand is compacted and hard when the tide has just gone out. With the changing bag strapped to the handle of the buggy the extra weight makes the tyres even harder to roll, our twins are only 13lb each so I dread to think how bad it's going to be when they are 2or 3 years old. Even without the changing bag the buggy is now a lot harder to push on the sand, we spent a lot of time researching double pushchairs as we wanted something which was great on the beach and off road now the buggy is a nightmare with these tyres, please
redesign them so that they work on sand, the tread is not very deep so I'm assuming this might have something to do with it maybe?

Aero tech tires are needed


We purchased the buggy about a month ago for our newborn and toddler. With the included tires, the weight distribution was off making the stroller hard to use. The tires constantly needed air. They are poorly made and useless.
We bought the aero tech tires and received them last week. What a difference! The stroller is useful especially with the bassinet and toddler seat.
I wish the stroller came with them in the first place. Without the tires, one goes through a period of regretting the stroller purchase.

No more flats!


I'm so glad I finally bought the aerotech wheels! I've had the stroller a year and a half and struggled with flats a lot. I use it almost daily for running and Baby Boot Camp. I was afraid they would add too much weight, but the difference isn't even noticeable. Overall, the ride may be a bit bumpier for my girls. But it's not terrible at all. If I had a newborn I might worry more, but my youngest is 18 months. I just wish the stroller came with these.

Aerotech wheel bundle


These are very good for my grand children's duet buggy. It's a disgrace that you have to buy them to ensure a puncture free pushchair experience. They should be fitted as standard but I couldn't risk my daughter and son in law having a difficult time with the air filled tyres that come as standard with their very expensive double buggy.

Very expensive but necessary


I'm disappointed as to how much these cost even though they're basically a requirement for a functioning mountain buggy. We'd been through 8 wheels in a short period of time before we caved and bought them. Also disappointed they don't have wheels to suit the other axles. We haven't had a problem with these yet, however they do make going over bumps more difficult

Not awesome like I was expecting


I bought these hoping they would be a nice upgrade with the added benefit of never getting a puncture. I've had them on my Duet for about 2 weeks now and I'm just not loving them. Unlike the great air filled tires, with the aerotech wheels I could feel every bump in the sidewalk, every piece of gravel and every twig we rolled over. Also, it's not a quiet ride on normal sidewalks, there's a grinding sound that's annoying. The wheels remind me of a basic Graco stroller. If you're thinking that I'm picky, you're right. I love every other MB product we've ever had which is probably why the let down with these upgraded wheels seems like a big deal to me. I may keep these in the back of the minivan in case we get a flat on the buggy with the good air tires when we're out and about.

brilliant wheels, shame they cost so much.


I am really happy as these wheels have been brilliant. Shame they are so expensive as they used to be half price with a voucher you 're dive with a new buggy. The other tyres punctured all the time. Only 4 stars due to price.

Should be the defult wheel


My wife stopped using our mountain buggy double carriage because the wheel was going flat every few days. then I bought this and my wife loves it. it makes going around much easier.

This should be the default wheel with every carriage.

Very bumpy


It is a pity that a balance can't be had with the wheels of the mountain buggy. The inner tube dependent wheels are excellent, soft and versatile but clearly punctures a problem. These wheels are basically plastic and therefore notice every bump which I'm not sure I'd like if I was sitting on them or trying to get to sleep.
We now have inner tube patches, a spare inner tube, tyre levers and a pump with every outing and hope for only a few blow outs!

Tyres don't last long


I have my duet for 7 months now and now one of my tyres popped last week, but why can't the duet come with the aero tech wheels? not happy about forking out another $200 au to buy them as we can't afford it as it is, it's the best pram I've invested in, but now I can't use it and I need a double Pram and it's not helping with my post natal depression as its another thing to stress about... The DUET is AWESOME it's like a car to me, and I'm so thankful to mountain buggy for it, its a big life saver for a struggling mother of 2, it's a solid Pram except for the tyre wheels... The 5 star rating is for the Pram not the wheels..

Invest from the start


Have had them 6 weeks now and wish I'd bought them with the pram. Actually, I wish they came as standard considering the price of the pram! No more punctures, no more going out on long walks and getting the fear!

Great wheels


My tyres kept going flat so i was housebound with the twins until i decided to bite the bullet and buy totally new wheels. These ones will never go flat again and provide a smooth ride. They were easy to change and replace but the price is ridiculous. These should be the default wheels on the pram when you buy it instead of a costly addition when the supplied tyres inevitability fail.

Too bad they aren't standard!


Bought a month ago after much deliberation about the price. That said, I now have piece of mind knowing I'll never get a flat. Had two with the old wheels and sooooo frustrating!

Wheels are Good but..


Glad we swapped to these wheels, but we put them on an older frame and it seems the only things keeping the back wheels on are little pins. these have now fallen out (no issues with previous wheels) and now I need to keep an eye on the wheels to make sure they don't wriggle right off the frame. Not sure what to do about this issue, but will just watch and see for now..

Why didn't I buy these sooner?


I adore my duet, but after yet another puncture I decided to upgrade to these. They seem very expensive for what they are, but with them on the pushchair is still as easy to push, although there is a slight difference in feeling more bumps along the pavement the children haven't complained and no difference to other pushchairs without air tyres. I would suggest these come as standard as the duet seems to be very heavy on the back wheels (already wore through rear air tyres and replaced once) and therefore that seems to be where the punctures always hit. So nice to be able to go out and not panic that I'm going to end up stranded yet again.

They will do


The original tires provide a smooth comfortable ride, but would not hold air. I would pump up then load the stroller and the tires would be flat by the time we got to our destination. Bought these to replace the air filled version. The ride is bumpy and rough. The tires are already pitted and wearing with minimal use. Just relieved to have something on my stroller that won't go flat. I think these tires should just come standard with the stroller because the air filled do not last long at all. My first stroller (a single jogging stroller, different brand) was a lot less expensive and got a lot more use and the air filled tires are still awesome 3 years later. I bought the double stroll stroller from mountain buggy which I love with the exception of the airfield tires (which where not even a year old when they became useless) and not a huge fan of their replacement tires. I only recommend these because you are going to need them!

Easy to fit


I love my mountain buggy duet but the tyres supplied are awful - I was forever getting punctures.
Changed to these tyres and as they are solid no chance of a puncture and the buggy is still able to go on beach, tough terrain ect.
I do think they should come as standard and are expensive given the price of the buggy new!

Great tyres


I bought the air tech tyres and although they are not as 'bouncy' as the air fill I think they are a better option. My air fill tyres broke after only 2 months of light usage.
It would be good to have the option to buy the buggy with an upgrade on tyres as I felt £119 for 4 tyres was very expensive, I would have rather paid a little more for the buggy but had air tech tyres.
Customer service care was exceptional and restored my faith in mountain buggy brand.

Aerotech wheels


Fabulous product! Easy to fit & the buggy is so light to push with them on.
No more pumping up tyres & pushing on a flat, hooray!

life has been made easier


Its such a relief, going for a walk and stopping at the shops on the way home, packing things into the pram to get home with tyres that don't need pumping up before it's used again! ! I have a swift and duet and have spent big $ replacing tyres. It's frustrating the aerotechs don't just come with the prams!!!

Should be standard on the buggy


These work perfectly for the Mountain Buggy Duet for our twins.However this is a very expensive way to avoid the flat tyres which come with the buggy. For the price you pay for the duet buggy these wheels should be standard. We eventually bought them because we had so many flat tyres without any visible reason and my wife was getting stranded on walks. The original inflator wheels are not good at all. Whilst these new wheels can't deflate it seems unreasonable that you need to buy them separately at over £100 for a working buggy.

Easy to push!


I was having such a nasty, hard experience with the air tyres so I purchased these and I had no idea how easy it is to push the mountain buggy. It made such a difference and I actually enjoy going out with my kids now!

great wheels


Stroller pushes great with these wheels and I don't have to worry about my tires popping. The only thing I wasn't happy about is the price

Aerotech tyres


I walk allot on gravel & concrete,And love how much easier to push the pram is and no punctures anymore

Not up to the job.


Not great. They wear out quickly and break with normal everyday use ( dropping off a kerb). They feel flimsy and not really fit for the buggy. They are expensive for what you get.

Should have come with the buggy!


These are the wheels the mountain buggy should come with, rather than have to pay extra.

My wife got a puncture on the other tyres and had to push twins home on a flat tyre - not fun and something impossible to fix on the move with two small children on board.

Highly recommend!


I bought the aerotech wheels a few weeks ago and I am very happy with my purchase! The pram still steers and handles great both in shopping centers and on walking trails and it's awesome knowing I don't have to worry about punctures.

Much better than the original tires


We use our stroller daily for walks and errands. In roughly two years we had about six flats with the original tires (beware most bike shops don't stock this inner tube size as standard so stock up). Finally one wore through entirely. We bought these wheels to replace them - we have four kids three and under and there's no way to take them out alone without a double stroller. We needed something reliable and sturdy. The new tires roll smoothly and are fine on moderately rough ground. Really, they should be the standard wheels for the Mountain Buggy Duet rather than costing $100+ later. Any marginal gain in smoothness with the original air-filled tires on rougher terrain like gravel trails isn't worth constantly finding yourself stranded with an out-of commission stroller, especially if you're a mile or two out on a trail with a heavy dead-weight stroller and multiple small children who can't walk yet.

Won't Deflate


The wheels are great, similar to other higher end stroller wheels like uppababy, citymini, etc. It would be great to get the option of purchasing either the aerotech tires or the air filled ones when purchasing the stroller instead of having to have both sets.

Terrible tyres


We've had our Duet for two and and a half years. We've bought new tyres, new inner tubes countless times even though we live in a city centre and it's hardly rough terrain! Really disappointing and it's cost us a fortune. Filling the tyres with slime didnt work either. It's been a real pain during a very stressful time trying to care for young twins.

Little disappointing


Bought these tyres as the standard air tyres were terrible at keeping pumped up.
These tyres are great on smooth surfaces but very hard and jerky on others

Worth the money but should come with pram


These tyres have been great in the fact that they don't puncture. Its just a shame that the air filled tyres that come with the pram are so terrible and you have to fork out extra for these ones if you don't want to be forever fixing flat tyres.

Wheels are excellent!


Wheels are excellent - easy to install, lightweight and responsive

Great tyres but overpriced


Bought them after a few flats and they are brilliant but should be a no coat option when u buy the pram and not 170 bucks afterwards.

Updated wheels


A great improvement on the original wheels though over priced for this product, but found it necessary to buy as the original ones were hopeless with tyre pressure and punctures frequent!!!

Worth It.


I mean, why don't these just come with the stroller? I'll be honest, I didn't even use the inflatable tires; after reading reviews, I immediately bought these. We love them (and being comfortable that they're not going to deflate makes the cost totally worth it.) And the stroller is amazing - so easy to push around, easy to get the kiddos into, narrow enough to get through doors, and the reclining means my tiny twins can ride in it now!

Still waiting...


I ordered these a month ago and still waiting for them to arrive but am really really hoping they do the job as the air ones the buggy came with are rubbish. 6 weeks in and we have already had 3 punctures. Nightmare. When I complained I was told the air ones were apparently good for off roading... wouldn't even dream of risking off roading given they can't cope with the pavements of north London. Makes me hate Mountain Buggy a bit that we had to get them and think they should be included instead of air tyres.

Perfect, stress free


No longer worry that we're going to burst a wheel or get a flat when out. These should be standard, & not so expensive.



Had to have new inner tubes after 6 months,another set 5 months later,now after 18 months,new tyres as the originals have shredded.The buggy was not used for the first few months and it isn't used every day now.Considering the purchase price, this problem has been very disappointing.£119 for a new set of wheels and tyres is ridiculous!Obviously a design fault judging by the other comments,they should be a free replacement!

Love them... But wish they came standard


Love the new tires for our mountain buggy. This is the second mountain buggy stroller we have owned (Terrain with our first, duet when we had our second). We are hard on our strollers and an original rear tire popped during an outing after having the duet stroller for about 8 months. Since we use the stroller so frequently, we needed a replacement and I decided on the aerotech tires. I am very impressed with the durability of the wheels so far, I only wish that you didn't have to put out another $150 to get them.



Omg! These wheels changed my life. I can not recommend them enough! No more punctures. Makes the buggy so much lighter and easier to push. Love love love. Registered my buggy an got them half price!

excellent addition to duet


I bought it right away and I am very happy. It wheels very well.

Made a Great Stroller Even Better


Our kids are in our Duet at least 4 times a day, all year long, so we really put it through it's paces. We have gone through our share of inflatable tires- the last time an inflatable tire went out at a park two miles from our house, we got home and ordered these tires. I think the Duet handles just as well as it ever did, and now we venture into the wild without fear of a flat. Fantastic buy!

Changed my life


I hated having to pump my tyres. Who has the time? These aerotech still offer a smooth ride and I don't feel too compromised. Best investment. :)


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