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James Thomas is a photographer, filmmaker and aspiring adventurer. In January 2012, James began his epic adventure, where he will be walking from Edinburgh in Scotland to Dunedin in New Zealand, kitted up and ready with his Mountain Buggy terrain. This expedition would take him across 3 Continents, through 15 Countries over 2 years and 12,000 miles. Along the way he would be photographing and documenting his amazing journey as he also attempts to raise £1,000,000 for the Worlds leading children's charity, UNICEF.

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How can I help?

Please help James on his adventure - donations welcome!

Help James reach his £1,000,000 goal as he journeys across the globe for UNICEF. Every little bit counts - donate now!

Learn more about the Terrain

Learn more about Mountain Buggy Terrain

Just going for a stroll...

Mountain Buggy are all about getting families out there and living life without limit! But what about helping those with no children? Late last year, we were approached with a peculiar proposal by James Thomas - a photographer, filmmaker and aspiring adventurer, to sponsor him with the all mighty Mountain Buggy terrain.


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