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My Mountain Buggy by a Mountain Mummy!

4 time Olympian, BBC Ski Sunday Presenter, Eurosport Commentator

Chemmy Alcott, Mother of one 

British Skier


I have always expected a lot of myself and those around me. I expected to be able to return from multiple injuries during my 4 Olympic Games and still be able to perform with the world's best. I expected to be able to give birth and within 2 weeks be skiing in Cortina, Italy whilst presenting BBC Ski Sunday. I expected us as a family to be able to handle 11 weeks on the road staying in various hotels in 6 European countries before finally returning back to England yesterday.

These high expectations overflow into everything in our crazy, demanding, fun, nomadic life. From the athletes in the ski team we have created and coach to the investments we make both personally and professionally.

Being able to continue to work and also be a dedicated mummy to Locki was probably the highest expectation of myself i ever committed to. I had a lot of help naturally. Whilst working up the mountains in the mornings amazing friends would watch over Locki, take him for mountains walks in the fresh air. I wanted and needed to give these friends and myself the freedom to still enjoy the snow capped mountains whilst hanging out with Locki so choosing the Mountain Buggy range was a no brainer. But again I expected a lot.

When I first sat down months ago to research buggies, I naturally knew I was demanding more than other first time mums. I wanted something sturdy that would work in snow, mud, and grass. I needed something to protect my baby from the elements and keep him safe and warm during the cold winter. I hoped for something that I could run and even ski with. I knew I was expecting a lot.

And then very quickly during my search for a buggy suitable for a mountain mummy, I found the Mountain Buggy terrain . It ticked every box (including its well suited to me name!)

And they even make buggy skis (I kid you not!!)

I have demanded a lot from this buggy. Just the other day as I took a right turn to run over the frozen lake in Tignes, a fellow jogger ran up to me to say - You won’t be able to go that way with the pram with the slushy spring like foot of snow on the top. Naturally competitive and also smugly believing in my pram, I ignore him and excitedly looked forward to his challenge. 15 minutes later as I looped back on the road after crossing the lake I saw him again - politely thanking him for his warning but highlighting the thick tread of my wheels and celebrating the fact that they carried us easily across the frozen lake!

Feeling like an invincible super-mum I leaped back to the hotel (to then spend hours trying to dry my ever so soggy trainers - shame the Mountain Buggy terrain couldn’t elevate me across the slush too!)

Some expectations I had these season were mad and far fetched. However, some, like that I had of the Mountain Buggy terrain were on point as my baby’s wheels NEVER let me down!


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