Family Get Away to the Bay

Living a life without limit can be difficult when you have a very young baby but one of our customers, Tessa Kershaw, didn't have trouble taking her baby everywhere she went thanks to her new urban jungle buggy

Here's what she had to say after her family trip to Hawkes Bay, NZ.

One satisfied baby in his urban jungle from Mountain Buggy

One satisfied baby in his urban jungle

'We have absolutely loved the past 3 weeks with our new purchase the Urban Jungle! Last week we went on our first family get way to the Hawkes bay. Having an 11 week old son means you end up packing twice as much gear! Thankfully the urban jungle fitted quite nicely into the well packed boot.The weather was epic and we were able to go on many walks around Te Awanga taking the urban jungle off the paved foot path on to gravel, the buggy handled the rougher terrain easily and it even helped put our baby to sleep! The face to face accessory we purchased with the buggy has been awesome - as our boy is only a few months old he prefers to face us but still gets to see what is going on around him. Te Awanga Estate Winery held a Sunday sessions event on our last day in the bay, we were able to end our get away by enjoying some fantastic live music, food and wine. We were given the bassinet connection from a friend which meant our baby slept soundly in his urban jungle while we were able to have a boogie and few fine wines.'


We love hearing what our customers think of our products, thanks for sharing Tessa, and if you have a review of one of our products to share with us, please let us know.

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