Baby girls rock!


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Gretchen Hayes - USA(Baby) Girls Rock!

Since Baby Girls are so much fun, Gretchen decided to have two. Follow a member of our Mountain Buggy family through pregnancy & birth of her twins. She is a first time expectant, simply trying to navigate this new life without limit. Gretchen, her hubby, and awesome Lab Doug are kicking it outside the heartbeat of the Nation's Capital in Washington D.C. She misses long walks on the beach, or simply just walking without waddling. She appreciates and encourages any insights from other expectants & experienced Moms, as well as cool summer mocktail recipes!

Hurry up... and wait

Week 35 brought some exciting times to our house. The goal is to make it to 38 weeks, but these baby girls are anxious to meet the world. According to the awesome team of Dr's that I've seen more than my family over the past 9 months, my babies are ready to arrive any day now. Which put us in full 'fire drill' mode this week. Bags packed - check. Car seats installed - check. Work - uhhhh, still a list. Bathrooms cleaned - uhhhhh...ok, so not everything can be crossed off the list.

Nesting & Naming - Week 32

Nesting & Naming - two of the more fun, or potentially stressful, aspects during the 9 month gestation period. My favorite friend 'google' informs me that nesting means 'to build or having a nest.' A little deeper into the search (OK, the next search result), yielded that nesting is a term that is commonly characterized as a strong urge to clean and organize one's nest. My friends - we are in full effect when it comes to nesting... and naming. 

Introducing Baby Girls Rock!

I miss running. I miss running... alot. I also miss walking my overly excited awesome dog Doug for more than 9 1/2 minutes without becoming completely winded, swearing at myself under my breath. Who knew that both physical acts were such a luxury and not to be taken for granted?!!

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