Making light work of shopping with two!

Going out with other friends who also have kids in buggies can be quite a mission with several buggies to contend with around the shops and cafes. My close friend and I who go out together a lot found a solution - the Mountain Buggy duet!

It’s perfect because we can have both our kids in the one buggy. Our two year olds love sitting next to each other and ven held hands at times (much to our amusement!).

The duet is fantastic because even though it’s a side-by-side double, it’s only as wide as a single. This means that we have no issue going through narrow elevator door ways, weaving between tables in a café or walking through narrow shop aisles.

We were really surprised with how light the duet is to push with two toddlers in it. You’d expect to need to put a bit of elbow grease into maneuvering it around but it's amazingly light and agile.  We can zip around the place with ease, and putting the kids into it is quick and simple due to the gate style grab bar. It's also very easy to fold (something that I really love about MB buggies.

Although our kids are the same age, I can totally see how great it would be for kids at different stages with the seats being able to move individually. It's such a fantastic buggy and it makes our double outings together with the kids so much easier. Plus the kids think it's very fun to ride together.

-Melissa Zgomba

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