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A massive hit with Mother & Baby reviewers, cosmopolitan was rated an impressive 5 out of 5!

"A luxurious and sleek looking 2-in-1 pramette, the Cosmopolitan was a massive hit with our reviewers... It has a versatile and comfortable seat unit that can be forward or rear-facing, and pushes smoothly over all terrains, too. It lies completely flat in pram mode, so can be used from birth, then transforms into a pushchair for the toddler years... Our testers found the Cosmopolitan hard to find fault with saying it was super easy and intuitive to use. It’s a lovely looking model that does the job excellently." - Mother & Baby

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4.5 out of 5 star rating from Made for Mums!

"My six-month-old daughter Ava and I breezed around Glasgow with the Cosmopolitan, gliding along shopping aisles, popping up kerbs and crossing roads with ease. It’s most at home on pavements, where it tracks beautifully in a straight line.

You can happily steer with one hand, which really helped when I was walking the dog. It’s lovely to manoeuvre and I didn’t have any problem navigating tight spaces and sharp corners.

This isn’t the lightest or nippiest urban stroller on the market, but it's one of the toughest I've tested and can handle the rougher terrain that’s part and parcel of city life. It took grass, gravel and even the cobbled road at the back of my flat in its stride.

I spend a lot of time in the park and I loved having the freedom to head off the path and over bumpy ground." - Made for Mums product reviewer

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Which? Best Buy

"As the name suggests, the stylish Cosmopolitan is well suited to an urban lifestyle and is such an easy-to-use pushchair that we've made it a Best Buy... The Cosmopolitan is comfortable to push, and lovely to manoeuvre on pavements where it can easily be steered with one hand. It tackles kerbs very well and is easy to handle on short flights of stairs, being reasonably easy for one person to wheel or carry." - Which? BEST BUY!

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"Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan Stroller is Mountain Buggy’s hot new Urban Buggy and is designed to be ultra adaptable and easy to “Pop” the front wheels up for kerb hopping around town. Designed as a single stroller only, its suitable for cross-country or city living.  The Cosmopolitan’s convertible seat offers three versatile modes to accommodate your newborn baby up to 4 years and it also includes a huge storage basket and all round suspension for a smooth ride around the urban jungle."

"The smart features and super smooth manoeuvrability of the Mountain Buggy cosmopolitan make it an effortless stroller to use... The hood is a standout feature of the cosmopolitan. it's large enough to keep the sun off your baby and also allows for plenty of ventilation. A zipped mesh panel allows you to extend the hood when you need to." 

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Keeping up with the cosmopolitan

Kim Kardashian sets up her cosmopolitan buggy!

"Before I had my baby I had no idea how important a pram's suspension was or would be. But for a first-time mother (read: anxious mother) venturing out for the first time (again, that means anxious), and subsequently running into a bin, (yeah, it happened - it was humbling to say the least), I remain grateful that the newest release from Mountain Buggy, the Cosmopolitan, glides over footpaths like a 4-wheel drive. And that's scarcely a metaphor: the buggy is in fact a 4-wheel drive vehicle, offering what's called 'round house suspension', whereby the entire pram is supported. All of which means you can roll over gravelly roads - and even into the occasional bin - while your baby remains blissfully unaware of any change in road conditions." - Natalie Reilly,

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Hollie Schultz of  Baby Gizmo  gives you an indepth look at the new Mountain Buggy cosmopolitan stroller.

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"The new Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan Stroller has a super-convenient convertible seat that can easily accommodate newborns up to four years with its three different conversion options. It allows you to effortlessly switch your child from forward-facing to rear-facing to lying flat. Perfect for: Parents who want a blend of high style and high function in an easy-to use system that can grow with their child. Highlights: The Mountain Buggy has an easy, 2-step drop-fold system and automatically locks. Using a stroller doesn't get any easier. It also has puncture-proof wheels and a large sun canopy to protect little ones from UV rays. Another bonus: its urban-friendly 4-wheel drive offers a smooth ride and makes it effortless to maneuver! Age/weight: Birth to 4-years"

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Strollin' About

"To say I was excited to be reviewing the Cosmopolitan is definitely an understatement. I am a long time Mountain Buggy fan, and the news of a rear facing Mountain Buggy and in DENIM! Well, I was itching to have a play. I was not disappointed.
The Cosmopolitan is an urban buggy, not an all terrain buggy, but the 4 wheel suspension will see it over grass and gravel with little effort. On the shop floor the Cosmopolitan was smooth and responsive. The Cosmopolitan might be a new breed but it remains true the MB DNA!"

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"We love the Cosmopolitan buggy. It's lightweight, easy to manoeuvre. We love the denim colour with the red for something different. It's easy to assemble, quick to put up and down, and versatile, especially for when our new baby comes along.

Dan found it really easy to walk with both dogs and the pusher, something we found difficult with our previous pushchair.

It is worth noting that it is definitely a city type buggy, as we have noticed with the 'no air' tyres, it can be a little more difficult to manoeuvre on grass or gravel, but otherwise it is an awesome little buggy!!"

Thanks so much! 5/5!!

Written by: Rebecca, Dan and Elodie Norman

"Oooo it's really pretty. The cosmopolitan has a denim-ish coloured exterior fabric and the inside comes in three different fabric colours - stone, red and turquoise... it has a lovely 'classical' buggy look. Like everything from Mountain Buggy, things work beautifully. From the ease of folding to the smoothness of the moving parts, this buggy is built well." - Rochelle Gribble

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