When we were out we had people's wondering eyes gazing at the cosmopolitan and even overheard a couple talking about how sleek and stylish our buggy was. Another couple were admiring the colour of the buggy and we overheard them wondering where it was from. The cosmopolitan is definitely a hit.

Overall, the buggy has been terrific! Best buggy I have owned by far, in terms of being straightforward and effortless.

Written by: Kisa Bowker, Mother of two. ( Wellington, New Zealand. ) Read more

cosmopolitan with carrycot in the city

The cosmopolitan carrycot fits perfectly into our lives. It is super easy to set up and fold down, easy to manoeuvre around town and most importantly, our little boy loves it!  

The stylish design is a winner and we've had many comments from people on how smart it looks.

Written by: Sarah Middlemass, Mother of one. ( Wellington, New Zealand.)

This buggy has a ridiculous amount of room in it. In the compartment under my baby's seat, I am able to fit my diaper backpack, the sun and rain covers, my camera bag, my coat, and another bag my friend brings with us when we go out. It doesn't seem to weigh the buggy down, either, and it doesn't look as if it's overflowing at all. 
I love this buggy. Call me a convert, or a fanatic, or whatever you want. I don't care because I am now realizing how much I was sacrificing before I got this beautiful piece of baby transportation.

Written by: Maddison Meijome, Mother of Two. ( Boston, USA.) Read more