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"At last! A sturdy all-terrain buggy you can actually steer properly with just one hand!

This was the very first thing I noticed after assembling the Swift and I hadn’t even taken it out of the front door.

The standout feature for me is that the Swift is so lightweight and easy to steer that I can hold Bluebell’s hand or pull her along on her scooter while also pushing the buggy – something I haven’t been able to do with any of the other pushchairs we’ve had."

Written by: Natalie Brown ( United Kingdom )
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"The new folding mechanism is “Genius!” according to my husband and I have to agree."

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Written by: Lulubelle for OHbaby (New Zealand)

Pushchair Expert (United Kingdom)

"The Mountain Buggy swift is clever, compact, attractive and that fold is brilliant. If you are looking for a great urban pushchair that can handle the rough stuff at the weekend, look no further than the swift."

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Written by: Pushchair Expert (United Kingdom)


This stroller looks as if someone took a massive, all-terrain stroller and stuck it under a shrink ray. It has the inflatable wheels and lightweight aluminum frame of rugged strollers that outdoorsy parents love, but it's small enough to fit through an urban corner store. It takes rock and curbs with equal aplomb, and the brake on the handle is a nice touch. The super-soft seat fabric, combined with the completely flat recline, makes this very comfy for napping babies. Folded up, it feels light (no back strain getting it and out of the car) and tiny (we challenge you to find a trunk this won’t fit into). With its combination of ruggedness and compactness, the Swift could be both your everyday and your get-out-and-get-moving stroller.

Mountain Buggy swift review by Babycenter

swift consumer review

"I love the way it's so easy to put up and collapse for general use." - superior one hand fast fold 

Written by: Sally Fazeli - UK

Symon Pierce - Christchurch, NZ

"We are very happy with the new swift, it's easy to use, light and a great looking piece of gear!"

Written by: Symon Pierce - Christchurch, NZ

"It's very light and comfortable to use. I find the stroller really manageable and handy due to its reduced size, which makes it a pleasure to handle in all kinds of spaces. The new style handle has a really nice touch when grabbing it."

Written by: Marti Curbet - Spain

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