Adjusting your protect capsule to accommodate your growing child

Guidelines are given on how best to adjust a capsule's fit for your child as they grow - however we also stress that every child is different - we suggest the following as a guideline rather than firm instruction (excluding references to weight which we recommend to always be followed).

Harness positions for the protect capsule

The protect capsules have four slots for the harness straps at different heights. There are also two different slots for the crotch clip and the hip straps.

The shoulder straps should be at the baby’s shoulder level or no more 2.5cm below the shoulder height (for the Australian standard protect car seat, they should be in line with or slightly above the infant's shoulders).

Generally speaking, it is recommended that the crotch strap position is not to be moved to the outer position until the child weighs more than 7kg, however particularly long babies may need this to be adjusted sooner than this.


The crotch clip should be in the position which is closer to the baby (this should stay in the this position till your child reaches 7kg) Liner is used. Lumbar support cushion is used.

2nd slot height

As your child grows the shoulder straps should be adjusted to the next position. Adjust the shoulder straps height so they are level with, or just below child shoulders. Lumbar support can stay in but can be removed as child continues to grow.

When child starts out growing 2nd slot

The lumbar support cushion will need be removed by now. Make sure the baby’s crotch is sitting at the crotch pad buckle and not too far back.

3rd and 4th slot height

The main liner is removed because the crotch slots and shoulder slots on the liner will no longer be compatible when moved up to the 3rd and 4th slots. The harness should be firm against the infant’s chest, with no more than a finger’s width of slack between the infant and the harness.