I am having trouble inflating my swift's inner tubes as the valve is straight?

If your swift has inner tubes with straight valves, here are our tips to inflate them:

Front tyre:

  1. tip the buggy back onto its handle.
  2. look at the valve stem. You'll notice that it is offset to one side of the rim. We hold it so that the valve is on the far side of the wheel and, with one finger, push it through to the near side.
  3. from here you can remove the dust cap and screw the pump on.
  4. inflate the tyre to a little beyond the desired pressure. This allows for the air loss while removing the pump.
  5. remove the pump and check the pressure with a gauge before refitting the dust cap.

Rear tyre:

  1. for the rear tyres it's probably quickest to take the wheel off the buggy.
  2. hold the wheel with the quick release clip facing you (and the brake cog away from you).
  3. as with the front wheel, with one finger push the valve stem towards you.
  4. remove the dust cap, fit the pump and inflate a little more than the required amount.
  5. remove the pump, check the pressure and refit the dust cap.
  6. refit wheel.

Easy access to straight wheel valve of Mountain Buggy wheel

All swift buggies now come with inner tubes that have bent valves which are compatible with earlier models.