My inner tubes have deflated. Are these covered?

Our warranty does not cover inner tubes. These are available for purchase on our webshop.

There are many possible reasons why these tyres may be deflated. Expected punctures during normal use, over inflation (22psi for p&t, 20psi for MB), wheels left in hot car, sharp objects inside the tyre, inflating at a service station or with a compressor.

The only event inner tubes are covered is if they have a manufacturing defect (ie, the valve is leaking) or if the product arrived OOB with damaged inner tubes.

****Some tips for deflating inner tubes:

To identify if, or where you have a puncture, mark the tyre in line with the air valve, remove the tube from the wheel.

Inflate the tube to twice its’ normal size. Submerge the tube in water, looking for air bubbles around the tube and valve area.

Mark the tube where the bubbles leak from. And repair the tube.

Note the position of the leak measured from the valve stem.

Examine the inside of the tyre and the rim at the same position as the leak is from the valve hole on the rim, looking for something sharp, like grit, sand, or thorns. Should no leaks show under water, refit the tube into the wheel.

Inflate the tube to maximum pressure and apply very soapy water to the opening of the valve, checking for bubbles forming on the opening. Bubbles indicate a leaking valve.

Press an object into the valve to release the air quickly, do this a few times. Sometime dirt sticks in the valve when inflating the tube and prevents the valve from seating correctly, causing slow punctures.