inner tube pre-2010 12 inch

inner tube pre-2010 12 inch

mountain buggy


Product Code: MB1-PIT12_

Replacement 12" inner tube with straight valve for Mountain Buggy® urban, double urban, terrain or double terrain stroller manufactured pre-2010.

The inner tube can be replaced by deflating the existing inner tube and removing this as well as the tyrebefore replacing with your new inner tube, fitting the tyre and then inflating the new inner tube with a manual hand pump. Be sure to inflate your inner tube only to a maximum of 20-22 psi. 

If you are ordering inner tubes for the rear wheels of your pre-2010 buggy, the current version  12" inner tube with bent valve  will also be compatible.

If the front wheels on your buggy have been upgraded to our current version wheels, you can order a  12" inner tube with bent valve . You will know that your wheels have been upgraded if the spokes on the rim are triangular-shaped rather than straight.

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