carrycot clip set

carrycot clip set

mountain buggy


Product Code: MB2-PDCLIP2_

Carrycot clip set help attach your Mountain Buggy® carrycot plus to the buggy frame perfectly. Replacement spare parts of a set of carrycot clips.

We got you covered if your carrycot plus clips are lost.

carrycot clip set stand out features:

  • includes three clips - left, right, centre.
  • centre clip is required for the duet™ model only.
compatible with the following carrycots:
  • pre-2019 carrycot plus for duet
  • pre-2019 carrycot plus for urban jungle™, terrain™ & +one™
  • pre-2019 carrycot plus for swift™ & MB mini
mountain buggy carrycot stand for carrycot plus and newborn cocoon 3/4 view_black carrycot stand PNSDV2_V2 $69.99 USD sold out
Mountain Buggy maintenance kit closed bag_default maintenance kit TK_V1 $29.99 USD sold out

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