On your Mark... Get Set... "Stop Talking, Start Walking!"

We arrived at the Redondo Beach 10K, bright and early in order to enter the costume  contest. Teah and Skye wore their 'Go Green' cheerleading outfits and stood on stage reciting their walking chant, emphasizing the health benefits of walking. The walking message was received graciously, and the girls won a prize!

We commenced the 10k running, and kept up that momentum for the first mile. Even with the weight of the girls, almost 80lbs, the Mountain Buggy duo glided smoothly up hills and around corners, providing a comfortable ride. Teah and Skye really enjoy participating in walk-a-thons and at the ages of 5 and 6 years old, walking a 10K is much too far of a distance for them. The duo is the perfect form of transportation.


It was a glorious day, the sun was shining and there was a clear blue sky. I wondered why we didn't walk 10K every weekend. Our tires on the Mountain Buggy duo were pumped, the girls had their snacks, and we were having an easy go of it. The duo went up one hill and down another, around a bend and straight ahead without a glitch. The ease in maneuvering the Mountain Buggy, with it’s swiveling tires, lightweight frame and stability makes it the perfect buggy for us.


The girls sat in the buggy the whole time,and the early 6:30am start got the better of them. It's a good thing the duo is super comfy, just as comfy as their hooded heart blankets, and the girls snoozed for half of the walk. We walked the 10K in record time and enjoyed the day with the other 9000 participants. After the race was done,  we decided to walk some more, and headed to a restaurant for a cup of green tea and a hardy but healthy breakfast. Skye finally woke up, just in time for pancakes!


This is the second year in a row we have participated in the Redondo 10K, and we are looking forward to making it an annual occurrence where we walk the walk and talk the talk!

* Walking 10K Tip: 
The first step in gearing up for distance walking is simply getting out and walking.
Walk for a minimum of 20 minutes, five days a week. Walk an additional 10 minutes each week to build stamina and endurance.
It should take you an hour and a half to walk a 10K at a moderate to slow pace, so put on your comfy walking shoes, get your child (children) in their comfy Mountain Buggy and start walking - you never know how far it will take you!