A walk for women!

I put my walking to even better use this past weekend, when I walked in the LA Revlon Walk for breast cancer, and other women’s cancer... Womentum.

Everyone I know, has known at least one person who’s battle with cancer and has touched their lives. I dedicated my walk to Margaret Evans (my brother-n-law’s mother), who unfortunately did not win the fight against breast cancer.

It was inspiring to see the survivors in the survivor VIP tents before and after the walk.

I had 12 friends join me, and we all wore “Stop Talking, Start Walking” team shirts and a sign which we proudly displayed as we walked through the streets of Los Angeles.

Halle Berry was a presenter during the opening ceremonies, and as we walked by her, my friend Colleen gave her a “Stop Talking Start Walking” t-shirt! I hope she wears it proudly and spreads the message! We may see more celebrities walking now!


It was easy to spot our green team, through the sea of pink worn for breast cancer awareness. We were a small group but we definitely played an important part as we contributed to  the thousands upon thousands of walkers taking a stand to win this fight and help find a cure!

A big thank you to all of you who donated and contributed to my fundraising goal!

Green Tip:
-- This is not along the same lines as my usual green tip, but I thought preventing cancer with something green could be useful a tip for everyone --

Drinking green tea is proven to be highly effective in preventing cancer. Green tea contains powerful flavonoids, known as catechins. Their presence in the blood stream prevents malignant cancer cells from growing and spreading to other organs. It is particularly effective for the prostate, colon, esophagus, bladder and pancreas. Green tea also provides  protection against free radicals which cause aging, and assist in weight management.
My absolute fave is jasmine green tea with a tablespoon of honey, just around 3pm (Mommy crash time!) A toast, to good health mommies!