Go England / Hermosa Beach Summer festivals

Go England! Go England! I know we live in America, and are absolutely thrilled about living in Hermosa Beach, California but before, during and after the Olympics we are still English at heart! The girls decided they wanted to be patriotic and put on their matching England outfits for a stroll down to the beach. 


Hermosa Beach is a hub of activity in the summer with international surf festivals, sidewalk sales and concerts on the beach throughout the month of August. It seems like everywhere we walked there was a sign of all the great events taking place, which we will of course partake in!

We stopped into the library on the way to the beach to return our library books. The girls participate in a summer reading program which encourages them to read 20 minutes a day. Then we headed down to Pier Ave (our main street) where the girls were happy to strut their England hoodies for the rest of the day!