mb mini parts

  • MB mini stroller frame-complete frame

    MB mini stroller frame

  • mountain buggy tool kit closed bag

    mountain buggy maintenance kit

  • Limited availability MB mini stroller sunhood in flint charcoal

    MB mini coloured sunhood

    Outer fabric only
  • MB mini red chilli sunhood by Mountain Buggy

    MB mini sunhood

  • Last chance! mountain buggy MB mini lightweight urban stroller gear tray or under basket for extra storage

    MB mini gear tray

  • MB mini front wheel-10 aerotech front wheel

    10 inch aerotech front wheel

  • MB mini rear wheel-10-inch aerotech wheels

    10 inch aerotech rear wheel

    Alternative to air-filled tyre
  • front axle & 2x tri-lock knobs-front axle & 2 tri-lock knobs

    front axle & 2x tri-lock knobs

  • mountain buggy duet 2.5 compact double stroller frame lock set

    frame lock clip set

  • MB1-PSAHN__

    safety wrist wrap

  • 2x brake wire lever covers-red

    2x brake wire lever covers

  • front wheel swivel nut cap -black

    front wheel swivel nut cap


    tri-lock knob

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