Mountain Buggy terrain trains with an Olympian!

On January 14, 2012, I qualified for my third Olympic Team, becoming the oldest winner of the Olympic Marathon Trials at 37 years of age. While most Olympians peak in their early to mid-twenties, I am running my personal best times at above the age of 35. I am married and the father of three young girls ages 2, 4, and 6. How do I balance my competitive running with family? It takes a balancing act and support.


Running with Olympians!

With the Olympics coming up in a few months, you can already feel the buzz in the air as the countdown begins for this elite sporting event! Our real life superheroes giving it their all for their country, and so it’s cool to know that in reality, they are just like you and I - real people, and some of them even real parents! Imagine their lifestyle, having to fit in training as well as being an active and proud mum or dad? Enter the Mountain Buggy terrain , which has proven to be a winner amongst the winners, enabling these elite athletes to continue living an extraordinary life without limit!


This is my story

Roisin McGettigan is a runner who specializes in the 3000 metres steeplechase and she competed in the her first Olympic Games in Beijing 2008. Born in Ireland but now residing in the US, Roisin is a new mum and owner of Mountain Buggy's all terrain, all peformance jogging stroller - the terrain.


Tick, tick, tick... the baby is down for  a nap. This one usually lasts 30 minutes, and it has taken me 10 minutes to get laundry on, organize dinner, and then settle myself in this rocking chair with my tunes playing at just the right volume (Ray La Montagne pandora station). So, focus. Here, now, present: This blog. I want to write but just cant seem to pin my butt in a seat long enough to get anything of substance. I've been told to just discipline myself.


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