terrain reviews


Sarah Christie

New Zealand long distance champion runner
“The terrain™ gives me everything I could want as a mum and as a runner. I love the shock absorbing suspension and hand brake, making comfort and safety first and foremost for Bridie.”

Sarah Ulmer

New Zealand Olympic Gold cyclist
“The terrain™ has already been given a hammering in the last couple of weeks – and it is FAB! That brake has actually saved both of our bacons on more than one occasion – between negotiating a sprog in one hand and (crazy) dog in the other, being able to regain some form of control on the descents is great... just genius!”

Elka Whelan

Australian dual Olympic swimmer
“My husband and I tried out the new MB terrain and loved the size of it. The way it glided over grass, hard surfaces , and the feel, was very sporty, sophisticated and chic!”

duo reviews

duo buggy

A good buggy

Phil M
A great product, with a good price.


We decided on the duo as we wanted the twins to sit together side by side, which they just love. We were concerned initially that the buggy wouldn't fit through some doorways but have been pleasantly surprised that it hasn't been a problem at all. I would recommend this buggy to anyone, it has made my life so easy.


Sophie, London
I thought ‘wide berth’ would be written on my forehead after giving birth to my twins and pushing them in their double buggy. But we can go everywhere and I have walked off the pounds!

urban jungle reviews


So easy

I can't get over how well designed your buggies are. The design takes on the safety and comfort of the child but also considers the parents needs with the large storage space, easy fold down system and handle height adjustment. My husband who is 6 ft 4 even finds it easy to push.


I really needed a buggy that I could use everywhere and that’s exactly what I have with the urban jungle. We live in the city but spend most of our weekends at the beach or at my parents’ farm. There is no reason for us to have more than one buggy unless I forget to wash the mud off it when I meet my friends for coffee in the middle of the city!


Lisa, Colorado
I thought I would need two buggies – one for town and another for taking off road. Thankfully my friend suggested the urban jungle which goes anywhere and is about to see me through my third baby

swift reviews


Easy to store!

We have limited space in our small apartment so were looking for a small stroller that was easy to store. The umbrella strollers weren’t practical for our weekend activities so opted for the swift which we are delighted with. It doesn’t fold down quiet as little as the umbrella strollers but it has given us the freedom to continue walking our favorite bush walks and along the beach.


My mountain buggy handles cobbled streets, narrow supermarket aisles and uneven paths with ease. Walking with our son has been an absolute pleasure.


Anna, Hong Kong
My swift has been my saviour – so compact and light for around the city, yet it gives me the security that Bella is well protected

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