urban jungle


engineered for the urban active

The original all-terrain buggy, urban jungle is a versatile all rounder that is perfect for adventures in the city or off the beaten track – the ideal, comfortable sized buggy for parents who desire flexibility.


the age of revolution

At Mountain Buggy, it’s not just about launching new products, it’s also about improving what we already offer in our range. We’ve answered your call for new features, new accessories and refined styling, whilst staying true to
Mountain Buggy’s trusted all terrain DNA - simplicity, durability, manoeuvrability, adaptability.


winning features


shock absorbing suspension


handlebar brake


10kg gear tray with pockets


more fashionable appeal and refined aesthetics


one hand fast fold

a new, extremely easy one hand fold offering simplicity and convenience



superior manoeuvrability

Compared with other brands, Mountain Buggies require less force to ‘pop’ up the front wheel around obstacles and kerbs thanks to perfect weight distribution for optimised performance. Glide effortlessly over all terrain, with the 12” air-filled tyres, improved rear wheel suspension and a lock back or swivel front wheel.




nacelle plus: parfaite pour un nouveau né 

une base, deux tissus, trois options face au parent
l´innovation à son apogée, la nacelle plus est la première au monde à être incroyablement adaptable et conçue avec le confort de votre bébé à l'esprit. La nacelle plus passe d´un mode allongé à un mode incliné, offrant un angle parfait pour les bébés qui souffrent de reflux. Lorsque votre enfant est plus âgé, vous pourrez changer le tissu et  transformer votre nacelle en un siège face au parent.



car seat compatible

urban jungle is available as an all terrain travel system with Mountain Buggy protect infant car seat - an ultra safe and light car seat with base installation options.
click here   to learn more about protect infant car seat 

Alternatively, our range of urban jungle car seat adaptors allows you to attach most leading car seats to your buggy for ease of transporting baby.
click here  to see our matrix of adaptors




options for a second child

Connect to urban jungle’s rear axle to accommodate a 2nd child. freerider transforms to a kids scooter, offering dual functionality for free-wheeling scooter fun!
click here  to learn more about freerider strollerboard




all new line up

Reflecting the original craftsmanship of Mountain Buggy’s heritage, we return to durable, waterproof canvas fabrics in 8 fashion colours. urban jungle is available as a single buggy, as a bundle with carrycot plus, or as a travel system with protect infant car seat.

urban jungle

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Recommended Accessories:
UJ nautical sun cover

urban jungle and terrain sun cover


In stock. 7-10 days for delivery Low stock. 7-10 days for delivery Stock coming.
Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle all-terrain stroller with storm cover

urban jungle and terrain storm cover


In stock. 7-10 days for delivery Low stock. 7-10 days for delivery Stock coming.
urban-jungle_carrycotplus_berry nautical carrycot_all blue urban-jungle_carrycot_marine carrycot_plus_UJ_gold terrain_solus_carrycot urban-jungle_carrycot_black terrain_graphite_carrycotplus pepita_carrycotplus carrycot_plus_UJ_Sand

carrycot plus for urban jungle, terrain and +one

In stock. 7-10 days for delivery Low stock. 7-10 days for delivery Stock coming.


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looking for a double?

Do you love the urban jungle but are in need of a second seat? Check out the +one, which is essentially the urban jungle...plus one!

click here  to learn more about +one! 


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